Zero to hero- day 16 -Daily prompt (Ring of fire)





Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

Today’s daily prompt made me laugh out loud, thank you day 16 for creating an outlet for me write about my endless heart burn. I love love love, spicy food but in a different way than most real lovers of spicy food love it. I like to be able to enjoy the flavor of whatever food it is I am eating without my tonsils catching aflame whilst I eat. So that might actually mean I like mildly spicy food. The point is nothing is yummier than a fabulous rice dish or even your favorite fried fish with a little kick to it.

I never fear what tomorrow might bring because the gripping pain of acid jumping up and down my esophagus is always closer than I think and rears its ugly head almost before the food is ever able to digest.

Upon thinking about today’s daily prompt as to whether I try to avoid spicy foods because of the physical turmoil they bring on almost immediately, I realized I don’t even bat an eyelash at that burrito with re-fried beans or the white castle burger I definitely shouldn’t be eating.  I’ll go ahead and eat it knowing full well the repercussions. It’s almost always is worth it especially if it is something I haven’t had in a while.

Last night’s dinner 🙂

Last night I enjoyed chicken cutlets, battered in this amazing concoction of spices that my older cousin Julian made. He then fried them and to go with it we had a medley of mixed veggies and this wonderfully yellow Spanish rice, the kind that would be perfect for a paella dish. Yummy!

My favorite part of spicy foods that I love is when I do indeed get heartburn that prevents me from sleeping my boyfriend will heat me up some milk on the stove and add vanilla, slowly stirring it until it’s the perfect temperature. It’s a wonderful remedy and tastes kind of like ice cream. 🙂



A movie without a script ( A very short movie)



So today’s story begins as a great tale. I was in the kitchen with my cousin Jeremy who himself is a fabulous writer. His style  of writing is something I would describe as satirical and wordy ( in a good way ). He has a wonderful way of jazzing up words that are otherwise bland and generally unremarkable. Any who somehow I managed to go into a hysterical tangent about a 90’s- ish Vand Damme like love story. We were roaring in laughter at the absurdity of where the story began to go.

He is a passenger on a flight that is seemingly going well and then all of a sudden three mysterious hijackers attempt to hijack the plane. Our hero, reaches for a fire extinguisher aboard the plane to bash in the head of one of the assailants. They wrestle for a lot of moments that seem to be going in slow motion. He inevitably winds up taking a nasty blow to the head where he is then rendered unconscious. The plane winds up crashing into the pacific but miraculously several of the passengers are saved. I am not sure which other passengers are worthy of surviving but I digress. He winds up at a hospital or a rehabilitation center of some kind on the island of Guam. Which is an American territory, so the medical treatment is up to par. The trauma he is facing is mostly emotional, and a small fear of flying is beginning to set in. Oh I forgot to mention that one of the hijackers was also a crazy drug lord trying to gain international infamy. Somehow he survived too but he doesn’t make another appearance for a while.

So on the island of Guam Jeremy is nursed back to health by a woman who is haunted by her own demons. She is extremely jaded and bitter from some previous life  experiences that are still unknown at this time. I think she might have suffered through a povertized childhood riddled with negligent parents and an over bearing drug lord sibling. She is un-trusting of most humans but men in particular. They immediately form a strong bond over the next few months of recovery only to discover a strong love between one another. Her secrets however are soon to catch up with them.

Our hero decides to stay on the island and marry his mysterious love but before the ceremony can take place he finds out, somehow, that the drug lord who attempted to hijack the plane has survived and is out for revenge. His troubles are increased exponentially when he realizes his future bride is the sister of said drug lord. OH no!

To be continued…..

After the long tirade into these very fictional characters that were created on the spot I realized there would need to be a sequel, of course. In true Van Damme style we can not have a movie without some karate or other form of martial arts so perhaps our main character will have practiced the lost art of tai chi or something. We also realized that I would be the worlds worst movie writer, so of course, I decided to write it down despite the lack of substance.

Hope you enjoyed part 1. Stay tuned 🙂


Zero to hero: day 11- Be a good neighbor

For today’s assignment I must begin with a blog that I posted on by a fellow zero to hero blogger, Karuna. She inspired me with her assignment for day 11. I was merely going to post a list with the links to the four blogs I commented on  thus fulfilling the day 11 requirements but somehow her day 11 gave me the jolt I needed, much like my coffee does 🙂 to really get into it and share something more interesting. So I decided that along with the links to the blogs I comment on I will attempt to share the one wonderful thing upon first visit that really stuck out to make me honestly comment in the first place. Happy Saturday folks.

1.  This is the first blog I visited – The reason I wanted to leave a comment in all honestly is because upon scrolling down to see if I was interested in anything I found a short article where she was naming 11 facts about herself for the purpose of being nominated for a blogging award. She goes on to say “I yell at inanimate objects”, and I laughed aloud right here in at my desk because So do I!  haha Needless to say I can’t wait to see what else this blog has in store for me.  Unfortunately I didn’t see an option to comment but I now follow this blog so I hope this counts. 🙂

2. The 2nd is and the post was titled ” Bacon onion Buns” I don’t think there is much to elaborate on in terms of why I was immediately drawn to this blog. hehe I shall tell you anyways. The title of the blog is ‘Devour, bake, devour, repeat’ . Ummm I love all things bake related but it was the actual header on this blog that captivated me. You will have to take a look to understand what I mean. It’s the perfect picture for those of us who gain most of their happiness from feeding others ❤ ‘d it and followed it!

3.  The 3rd one is and the article that grabbed my attention and warranted a post was titled  “What’s your favorite pork product”. I don’t eat that much meat at all but recently enjoyed thin pork chops with my eggs in the morning that were left over from the night before. All I can say is yummy!

4. For the fourth blog I intended to post on I actually went the Blogging 101 commons page and randomly selected one of the participants based on their little square photo in the sidebar on the left. I chose because theirs was a wonderful photo of this beautiful fabric. The blog is about Batik fabric. I couldn’t find a place to comment again however I am glad I found this site. 🙂

I enjoyed day 11 even though I was a bit late turning my last few assignments. Ready for the next one!


Zero to hero: day 9- Inspire yourself

Hello everyone, I am a bit late with turning in my day 9. I spent a lot of time on day 7 giving my header a bit more personality. I used , a free app to customize a collage of photos that definitely better expresses the overall tone of my blog. Mostly I really like my “About” page and couldn’t find much to change. As advised in day eight’s assignment I wondered if the content of my “About” page was nothing more than a grocery list of personality traits. Soon I was convinced it wasn’t, it’s filled with a slightly descriptive yet fun anecdotes that are telling of the general content of both myself and my writing. leaving the reader with a taste of intrigue that will hopefully lead them to browse my site a bit more.

I decided to take a more literal turn in regards to day nine’s assignment and here is what inspires me…..

I am often inspired by stories, people or events that would inspire most I suppose, but usually, will more often than not, it occurs or happens to me when I least expect it. I’ll be moping unnecessarily or in my own thoughts too deeply and it will happen, I will come across someone or something that will quite literally take my breath away. Who will give me cause to pause, gain a better perspective and honestly get it together. Sometimes our minds are not open or ready for advice or words of wisdom or even in the mood to smile. Sometimes you’ll be in a Saturday Sulking Session and just don’t want to hear it. “It” being the proverbial ” get off your ass and stop whining, someone always has it worse than you” kind of deal.  But it is so crazy true. If and when your lucky enough to bare witness to someone’s personal miracle or their triumph over a struggle you can not help but to be better than your best and overcome every bump or sinkhole in the road. No matter the size. Even if it’s your constant struggle with Ben & Jerry’s newest ice cream flavor in your freezer, that you lie about eating only once a week.

I hope you enjoyed how I am often inspired by others and hopefully the end result of this is reflected in my “About” page.

Cassandra 🙂

Zero to hero- day 6 Your dream Reader.


Zero to hero day 6- write to your dream reader. I was rubbing my head all day as to what I who I was going to write to and more importantly, and perhaps more scary for me, what new elements to add to my style of writing. It should be said that I am not even sure if I even have a writing style. What I decided was to settle on a piece I actually have started working on. A piece of fiction that was written for the purpose of novel I guess. I am not sure if this fulfills the requirements for the assignment but I do know that for many years, as an avid novel reader, I’ve always wished I could, at the very least, try to write in that capacity. So here is just a small piece of it.  Nervously hoping someone likes it. Enjoy. 🙂 Oh I almost forgot, my dream reader is my dad, John who passed away some time ago and if I were ever to publish anything whatsoever he is who I would take it to to read first. He was the kind of man who inspired greatness, he made you want to be better than your best but that’s a good story for another post.

The story is about a young girls life growing up on a thriving piece of land, a manor if you will, with meadows and is considered one of the most beautiful and bountiful lands in the English country. However this is no ordinary little girl and there are extraordinary  things occurring within her family behind the walls of their Lavish white stone manor. There is something odd about the land too.



There was a little girl once, who was not actually little in any sense of the word. She was a waif of a thing. Often overlooked because she was so small for her ten years. But there were so many things about her that were indeed large to the eye that was actually looking. Her very presence disturbed so many when actually noticed. For her eyes burned a brown not often seen. A sort of rich sienna blanketed by a ring of chocolate-brown around the iris. Most chose not to make direct eye contact as her eyes were something of a strange sight to most. If that wasn’t odd enough about the girl, her ability to stand tall before you and stare into you as if she knew something you did not was unsettling at best. Often she did but very rarely did she bother to voice such things as it would be unfitting for a child. Knowing her place was one of the very important lessons her mother had taught her.  When she was capable that is. Now her mother laid in bed for most of the day and evening and only was ever coherent enough for dinner functions required from someone of her station. Being the wife of an affluent business man who kept both a home in the city, where all things lavish and proper existed and a home in the country, which was expected of such an individual, was  hard at staying awake at said functions.




Mother always said “Beatrice, you must find your love of choice and then always seem as though you prefer your second”. No one I am sure knew what that meant as most often I smiled at any words that came from my mother’s mouth, as it was always surprising for her to speak at all in a manner that was fitting a woman of her station. My name is Isobel. But mother often calls me Lucy. I guess it’s my nickname although father often screws the sides of his mouth up in a very irritated fashion when he hears my mother say so. It would be nice one day if my mother didn’t choose such odd ways to show her affection for me but then, how can one complain of a mother who not only has a pet name for their one and only daughter but an entirely different name at that. Indeed I often feel special when mother uses in out own private company. She even will ask me to sit with her in the parlour room, hours before we are to have a dinner or social event in our home and will allow me to sit right beside her to read her some texts from books. Only this year did I realize they were medical books. Strange stories to want to hear. But then again mother is usually not of a sound mind to really distinguish the difference. When she is like that I generally am relieved as I can pull one of the books about travel and exploration that father says I am not to read. Mother will nod off and I always begin to read at a lower volume. She never knows the difference. “Isobel, you must rehearse your violin, and your painting and your stitchery, as is expected of what is to become a proper refined girl of your station.”  – Father would say.

zero to hero: Day 5- Love your theme

Try at least three themes, one that your drawn to and you one you would never choose. hmmmmm…/.

So the themes that I decided to try are listed below and why I either loved them or hated them. I have to say this was more disturbing that one would think it would be. After all I love the theme I use for my blog (Adelle) and it’s kind of like my baby so just the thought of changing what felt like a lifetime to pick. I was however glad that I did it having come to the realization I didn’t have to actually change anything within my actual blog. Then previewing the many themes immediately became a fun task of discovery.

Mystique– I liked this one. aesthetically pleasing. The photos of my blog as well as the articles themselves were nice and it was a bit girly.

Yoko– Has a very smooth look to it and slightly feminine. Which I like a bit.

Ryu– Hated this one. The words were way too large and that’s all I could see.

Chateau– Loved this one because it’s super feminine and lady like to the eye. 🙂

Patchyderm– I love this one! Very much personality as it had little cartoon zoo animals at the header. Which aside from hearts or pink are right up my alley.

All in all I realized that my attachment to the theme I chose originally for my blog, my very first blog as this one is need not hold me down or prevent me from change. I now can see myself possibly changing my theme to suit my writing style and topics as they change and evolve. 🙂 good day 5 over all.



Zero to hero: day 4- say “hi” to the neighbors!


Today’s assignment is to follow five new topics in the Reader and follow five new blogs. Hmmmm…. I am immediately frustrated lol as I am not certain as to what the difference is and the Reader is kind of intimidating.

-But here goes my first topic, IPA beers 

I typed in IPA beers and one of the first blogs that popped up was one about an adventure to try 100 new beers, 1 per week and then write about it. Genius idea! I write about beer and love it and there just is never enough info in your head or on your tongue when it comes to beer. I am often so busy writing about the things I am trying to say that I forget others interests might align with my own. I now Follow this blog!

-Second I typed in Avocado, because well….avocado is like a little bit of heaven when you eat it. If there is a heaven I imagine they must serve a variety of small avocado dishes as appetizers before all the other amazing food shows up. hehe . I am getting hungry writing this. You can imagine all the fabulous food related blogs I was expecting to come across. I found a fabulous home-made hair conditioner with avocado in it, a post about delicious avocado salads in a mason jar ( followed this one), How to plant avocado’s at home (doing it), A “green drink”  that I assume has avocado’s in it and so much more. I am more excited about today’s assignment than I thought I would or could be and I am only on my second topic. yay!


-Third. The third topic and blog I discovered and wound up following was a fabulous blog under the topic ‘People’. This person actually liked one of my Zero to hero pieces and so I decided to look in on their blog, after all, I am certain that was the point of this assignment. Well, I was pleasantly surprised, as before I began, I figured I definitely would  not like quite so many blogs I came across. It was a jazzy blog that encouraged people from all walks of life to read and learn about all types of interesting things that are far too many to name here that . There was even a poem about a bakery there, Yay I say, I love all things bakery related.

– The fourth and fifth topics I decided to look into were Bacon and Cheese for all the obvious reasons. Mainly because food was on the brain today and  because they are amazing on everything and it’s usually interesting to see how people feel about them one way or another. Even vegan bacon is amazing. turkey bacon is right up there too.

All in all I’m pleasantly surprised that I finished today’s assignment as it was slightly intimidating in the beginning. I now am strapped and armed with a plethora of inspiration and knowledge, from others.

thank you ❤ day 4