Zero to hero: day 9- Inspire yourself

Hello everyone, I am a bit late with turning in my day 9. I spent a lot of time on day 7 giving my header a bit more personality. I used , a free app to customize a collage of photos that definitely better expresses the overall tone of my blog. Mostly I really like my “About” page and couldn’t find much to change. As advised in day eight’s assignment I wondered if the content of my “About” page was nothing more than a grocery list of personality traits. Soon I was convinced it wasn’t, it’s filled with a slightly descriptive yet fun anecdotes that are telling of the general content of both myself and my writing. leaving the reader with a taste of intrigue that will hopefully lead them to browse my site a bit more.

I decided to take a more literal turn in regards to day nine’s assignment and here is what inspires me…..

I am often inspired by stories, people or events that would inspire most I suppose, but usually, will more often than not, it occurs or happens to me when I least expect it. I’ll be moping unnecessarily or in my own thoughts too deeply and it will happen, I will come across someone or something that will quite literally take my breath away. Who will give me cause to pause, gain a better perspective and honestly get it together. Sometimes our minds are not open or ready for advice or words of wisdom or even in the mood to smile. Sometimes you’ll be in a Saturday Sulking Session and just don’t want to hear it. “It” being the proverbial ” get off your ass and stop whining, someone always has it worse than you” kind of deal.  But it is so crazy true. If and when your lucky enough to bare witness to someone’s personal miracle or their triumph over a struggle you can not help but to be better than your best and overcome every bump or sinkhole in the road. No matter the size. Even if it’s your constant struggle with Ben & Jerry’s newest ice cream flavor in your freezer, that you lie about eating only once a week.

I hope you enjoyed how I am often inspired by others and hopefully the end result of this is reflected in my “About” page.

Cassandra 🙂


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