Dude Dinners:Meatsauce and Noodles

Dude dinners:


For movie night, I paired Red’s  spaghetti meatsauce with a sprinkle of cheese and some red wine. Say it with me now… Mmm yummy!  🙂 

Happy Autumn and welcome to Dude Dinners this evening. This concoction is a simple spaghetti and meat sauce Red threw together one evening.   The entire week was spent avoiding the grocery store and inevitably wound up ordering out twice that week,so we were down to no like, no food. 🙂 Fear Not! The Red Lion himself is here. He’s got a fiery sense of charisma about him, I always say. Adds to the flavor of the food. 

To quote chef August Gustave (from the hit pixar film Ratatouille) “Anyone can cook!”).  And yet,  I am surprised at how many unmarried 30 something year old men seem to not be able to actually accomplish such an easy feat. Meaning unable to produce and edible meal. Well then,  this is for you. You dudes out there need to realize that a man who can make a woman a delicious meal that’s relaistic and not over complicated is more than likely a keeper.

The ingredients:

1 box of angel hair pasta

1 large jar of chunky vegetable marinara sauce

garlic( fresh or minced in a jar)

ground meat ( we had ground sirloin ) (ground turkey is yummy too)

Salt, pepper, butter, onions and whatever else you might have and just feel like throwing in.

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Bring your water to a boil ( follow instructions on the box) then add your pasta. Srain pasta and set aside. Also set aside a cup of your pasta water.

Step two: Add your ground meat to your fry pan and cook on medium heat until all the meat is begining to brown nicely. Don’t drain the meat at all. Add your minced garlic, salt and pepper and continue to cook a min or so more.

Step 3: add a big cooking spoons worth of pasta water, stir. Cook for a another minute or so.

Step 4:  Add your jar of whatever kind of marinara sauce you have, (in this case Red used chunky vegetable marinara), to the meat in the pan

Sidenote: Adding pasta h20 to your sauce does something really cool that a professional chef could explain better than I. however Red says “It makes it Pasta-y and moist, like when you get it in a restaurant.” It’s really good, give a try and you be the judge.

Well that’s it. Let’s start the winter off on a yummy note eh? 

Coming soon: Keep an eye out for some good random rants here soon, we are back in Jersey! #spaghettilife 😉 





Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack: Ashville, NC



On a beautiful January afternoon my fiance and I went to a fabulous place in Ashville, NC to take his mother out for a celebratory lunch. He hadn’t seen her in a while as he works a lot all year-long travelling and it was also my first time meeting her. Not much to my surprise at all, much like a good batch of fried chicken wings she was wonderfully sweet with just the perfect amount of spice.:-) A wonder to behold in her own right. She smiled, giggled and sipped on a local brew with us. It was wonderful, to say the least.  hehe. What better place to go to then a chicken shack fully stocked with some of North Carolina’s most amazing local brews, your delicious red-bearded man and his mama?

At Rocky’s they put out “Tennessee style” hot chicken and good ol fashion southern soul food. Everything is made to order and the selections of “hot”  you can choose from range anywhere from extra mild to an almost uncomfortable sensation of heat for all those brave souls out there who wanna race their buddies to the last wing in the bucket and see whose face will turn the reddest.rocky's chicken

We ordered 20 wings, mild spice, a chicken tender meal that came with a side of homemade mashed potatoes (skin in) and gravy and delicious collard greens. Like the kind your grandmother makes on Thanksgiving good.

The wings showed up on a steel plate (not a bucket) 🙂 covered with a red and white wax paper, lending to the backyard ambiance and to our surprise the wings were whole and giant and beautifully peppered and seasoned with what I can only assume is some type of trade secret dry rub spice. They were honestly gorgeous. If that seems like an odd way to describe chicken wings then you don’t love food as much as I do because there is nothing I appreciate more when I eat out than when the food I am paying for is presented well. After all no one wants to put great tasting food into their mouth if it looks like crap.

Ohhh they have daily specials that change regularly and a fun list of food items to match. Like fried green tomatoes that come with goat cheese and pepper peach jelly and yes, there is even chicken pot pie!

Sip Sip…Pass!

pisgah beer

Among the locally crafted beers are the wonderful Greenman brewery ( which is also this months Beer Favorite), Pisgah Ale and if your happy hour only occurs after the sun goes down you can sip on some of their amazingly flavored lemonade in a gallon size …..if that is your wish. I always try to drink my lemonade beverages in gallon size. Always.

And when its all said and done and time to pick your sin of choice, why not have a Rocky’s chocolate pudding (in a jar) or a banana pudding or butterscotch pudding also in a jar. And all with a vanilla, Oreo or pecan wafer for the bottom.

And to really add a cherry to the proverbial cake the service and ambiance was just what you would expect from a southern hospitality filled establishment. Everyone was so polite and attentive and it was pleasantly rounded off  by a beautiful array of eclectic and interesting folks and families from all over. We even sat next to a dude wearing a camo print kilt! Which is just the greatest thing ever because it was a pretty breezy afternoon. They even have a private dining room appropriately named “The Coop” at the Arden location. A funtastic experience to enjoy some genuinely fabulous southern food.

So….how hot is the chicken???rocky's spices

Good question and here is their list to choose exactly how fiery you want your bird.

  1. XX Hot———–>  Mount St. Hell No!
  2. Foothills———->  Climb the mountain
  3. Hot—————->  Peppery spray
  4. Medium———–>  Heatium ( we got our wings medium and they were surprisingly  hotter than we expected medium to actually be, so Be Ware!)
  5. Mildium———–>  Inbetweenium
  6. Mild—————->  Not so
  7. Honey style——–>  Sweetium
  8. X-mild————-> Really? ( I got my chicken tenders x-mild and they were perfectly spiced but not overwhelmingly hot, perfect for the not so brave souls like me who fear heart burn twice a day no matter what you eat)
  9. Plain—————> Scared?

You can also start your meal with fried pickle chips, fried mac and cheese poppers or a homemade biscuit topped with local honey and butter.


Rocky’s hot chicken shack is worthy of the fantastic food title this month and is a great place by far to stop in for lunch if your going through Asheville, NC. A wonderful experience, spicy chicken and southern hospitality  all washed down with locally crafted brewskies…..just can’t get more fantastic than that.

A little background

So they first opened in 2009 in Fletcher, NC soon became unbelievably popular, which is generally the goal of any business owner.So much so its said that they often had to leave a late night sign that read ” Sorry we ran out of chicken”. A true testament to the quality birds they sling. Apparently they were running a one man operation but soon was just simply not sustainable anymore giving the high demand. So they closed their doors for 6 months and Rocky partnered up with Rich and Lauren Cundiff to renovate, expand and finally re-open the new Hot chicken shack. They did an impeccable job I’d say.

❤ Cassandra


Crown Royal: Maple

Welcome to the first ride of the year on the Whiskey train! crown royal maple Happy New year everyone! Is it far too late in the month for that? Well anyhow, I am so excited about sharing my thoughts on this sweet gem. I decided well in the early fall back in old 2014 that I wanted to bring a honey whiskey to the “Whiskey Train” and only just got around to it. Much like beer, one of my favorite things about whiskey in general are the actual complexities of the spirit itself. There is so much more to whiskey than most people realize in terms of flavor and process. I hear all the time (from non whiskey drinkers) that frightened fear of it as though the moment you start sipping on the “dark liquor” you’ll turn into a raging lunatic on a Friday night with no memory of your actions in the morning. Now this can definitely occur but most avid whiskey drinkers have spent years and lots of tasting to figure out their perfect brand or mixture. It is actually a long road that requires diligence and focus..much like college. If you give up the journey you will never attain the knowledge in the end to apply elsewhere. Well that may be an exaggeration…hehe but you get my gist. Get into that bar and ask for a taste of something you haven’t had the guts to try before! Don’t be afraid to ask your local liquor purveyor for their opinion about that beautiful shelf of whiskey wonder! Enjoy!

-Did you know-

Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whiskey, yup and is 40% alcohol by volume putting it at 80 proof. It is also the top-selling Canadian whiskey in the United States, perhaps  even the world? Some say. And I was glad to find out it is only actually produced at the Crown Royal distillery which is located in Gimli, on the shores of beautiful Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. It’s a good thing I don’t live near a distillery, because I am almost certain I would spend all my time attempting to get in there in the hopes of following the master distillers around with a little note pad asking a million questions, which would probably result in some kind of restraining order. 🙂

Don’t have the balls to drink it “On the Rocks”….. Well then, Let’s Mix it up! Here are 3 great mix cocktails using Maple Whiskey, A maple lemonade, A maple old fashioned and Maple cider. Yummy!

1 oz. Crown Royal Whiskey, lemonade to taste. Poured over ice and lots of lemons all in a high ball glass.

1 oz. Crown Royal Whiskey, lemonade to taste. Poured over ice and lots of lemons all in a high ball glass.

0.75 oz. Crown Royal Maple, 0.75 oz Bulleit rye, 1 tsp Demerara syrup, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, 1 dash whiskey barrel aged bitters. Combine all ingredients into cocktail shaker, strain into rocks glass, garnish with lemon and orange twist.

0.75 oz. Crown Royal Maple, 0.75 oz Bulleit rye, 1 tsp Demerara syrup, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, 1 dash whiskey barrel aged bitters. Combine all ingredients into cocktail shaker, strain into rocks glass, garnish with lemon and orange twist.

1.5 oz Crown Royal Maple, 2 oz Apple cider, Hot water ( to taste). Mix whiskey and cider in coffee mug, top off with hot water and garnish with a pat of butter and cinnamon stick.

1.5 oz Crown Royal Maple, 2 oz Apple cider, Hot water ( to taste). Mix whiskey and cider in coffee mug, top off with hot water and garnish with a pat of butter and cinnamon stick.

With quiet notes of maple honey all throughout each sip, Crown Royal: Maple is the only honey flavored whiskey I really can enjoy without needing a  water back chaser. It’s doesn’t possess that overwhelming sweet flavor that makes some other honey whiskies unbearably sweet and thus rather undrinkable. Despite the fairly strong aroma, it has a subtle sweetness that makes it perfect for drinking it neat ( with no ice) and it carries a smoothness that forgoes that heartburn after feeling. I felt like I noticed some wonderful undertones of roasted nuts and that yummy-ness that is oak barrels when you first sip it. ♥ It’s kind of perfect for mid autumn weather wrapped in a knit sweater, sitting outside perhaps. It’s maple flavor is reminiscent of a time that has passed already, where the bees buzzed around the July flowers and the faint sounds of a golden retriever’s vociferous  laughs on the breeze that has just swept by your scope of hearing, only a moment ago. Anyhow, that’s how I felt when I enjoyed a glass or two of the maple. 🙂



A Royal Beginning- I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with all things having to do with the English monarchy throughout history. My favorite genre of books to read besides race-y sci-fi romance is historical fiction ( I’ll not bore you to death with the details) taking place in the English country side, revolving around any and everyone living near or around an English monarch during the 12th, 13th, 14th or 15th centuries. I’m getting to the point. In an attempt to write about Crown’s new maple variation of whiskey I came across some fabulous tid-bits that lend themselves to the history of one of my now favorite whiskies. So here it is. And as Elizabeth I is my favorite English monarch the start of Crown Royal began more than appropriately. Created by Seagram’s chairman Samuel Bronfman to celebrate King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Canada for the first time, Crown Royal was the result. A smooth and unique blend of whiskey, it was a seemingly perfect gift. As they were royalty, you can imagine that just any old gift box would not do. And what would be more fitting than a bag of beautiful velvet made in nothing less than the color of royalty itself, purple, and then adorned with a drawstring of gold, as was the tradition in times of old.

Fun Facts- -Today 50 million purple bags are filled with a bottle of Crown Royal and shared with the world. -Crown Royal offers exclusive membership privileges if you become apart of their ” Society of the Crown”- which I think sounds amazing if your into not so secret societies. – Fabulously Crown Royal makes their signature velvet bags in the shape of hang-able Christmas stockings ( ho ho ho) – They even make camouflage crown royal bags to send over seas to all our troops, teaming up with the non-profit organization “Operation Troop”. Aid volunteers from all over the world stuff the bags with personal items, snacks and phone cards .

Look at this gem I found online! Via  www.butterfanliving.com   Now you go ahead and tell me what is better than cookies….I’ll wait. Cookies with booze in them! Yes that’s right folks, trolling the wonderful world-wide web I came across this cookie recipe with crown royal in it and after the initial upset that I didn’t come up with it myself, a wonderful happiness settled in because everyone loves cookies and now we can enjoy them in a new and decadent buzzed kind of way.                   Well this is your stop, hope you enjoyed the ride… See you soon. ❤ Cassandra                     crown royal maple cookies

American Chinese takeout Vs. Traditional Chinese food.

So I discovered, surprisingly via businessfinder.com that Cantonese food is generally sweet and Shangdong food is usually salty and crispy like kinds of dishes. Sichuan is always very spicy. I absolutely love Chinese food takeout but have you ever had a week or even a month when you ate just a bit more Chinese takeout than you should have and seriously began to feel the physical effects of it? Well, I have and you know you know what I mean. Feeling so full and bloated and heavy that many of your planned productive tasks that day post takeout never happen? Well this made me wonder, in all the regions of China they are obviously not throwing down general tsoa’s chicken every night or a fried half chicken, extra crispy with a side of french fries with hot sauce and ketchup on top during lunchtime. You New York City folks reading this know exactly what I’m talking about. Because otherwise there would be an entire country of over weight and grumbly tummy people with the mean poops. And since this is obviously not the case, I wanted to explore the actual differences between traditional Chinese dishes in comparison to their American Chinese takeout dishes. What I discovered was a few wonderful things. Firstly, we do indeed have traditional and authentic Chinese restaurants in this country, you simply have to find them and secondly the list that follows not only compares these dishes on both sides but it gives an option of other Chinese food dishes to order instead one day, in the event you do dine out at a traditional restaurant. Many of the traditional dishes are significantly more healthy and seemingly more delicious. Enjoy! Here we go!

Traditional Chinese food Dishes                            American Chinese Food dishes


Xiao Long Bao(soup dumplings)- Filled with crab or pork and a rich savory and flavorful broth.



Crab Rangoon(wonton)- Deep fried wonton filled with fake crab and cream cheese.









cong you bing

Cong You Bing-(scallion pancakes) Fried flat bread seasoned with chopped scallions.


egg rolls

Egg rolls- deep fried dough filled with meat, veggies and cabbage.







Peking Duck- Roasted duck with a crispy skin and tender meat.

Peking Duck- Roasted duck with a crispy skin and tender meat.

General tsao chicken- Deep fried chicken coated in a sweet and spicy brown sauce.

General tsao chicken- Deep fried chicken coated in a sweet and spicy brown sauce.









Yu Xiang Rou Si- shredded pork sauteed  in hot sauce and garlic, vegetables and mushrooms.

Yu Xiang Rou Si- shredded pork sauteed in hot sauce and garlic, vegetables and mushrooms.


Beef and broccoli- Slices of beef cooked in a brown sauce made with broccoli.

Beef and broccoli- Slices of beef cooked in a brown sauce made with broccoli.







Orange slices- Chinese people end their meals usually with orange slices. Yummy.

Orange slices- Chinese people end their meals usually with orange slices. Yummy.

Fortune Cookies- Which are not even Chinese. Crispy cookie made with flour, sugar, vanilla, sesame seed oil and cornstarch.

Fortune Cookies- Which are not even Chinese. Crispy cookie made with flour, sugar, vanilla, sesame seed oil and cornstarch.








Zha Jiang Mian- Authentic Chinese noodles topped with stir fried pork and zha jiang (fermented soybean paste).

Zha Jiang Mian- Authentic Chinese noodles topped with stir fried pork and zha jiang (fermented soybean paste).

Lo mein- Thick wheat flour noodles stir fried with veggies or meat.

Lo mein- Thick wheat flour noodles stir fried with veggies or meat.       

Haddock: 3 wonderful ways!

Welcome to Fantastic Foods this month, It has been awhile since last I’ve seen you guys. Due to the uneasy nature of shaky wi-fi hotspots, lousy internet connections and the mountainous terrain that is upstate NY I have been unable to be in touch. Don’t worry though this new year will bring so many wonderous things for “A cup of noodle soup”

As a way to help get back into my mostly pescatarian diet after a lovely 2 months this past summer spent eating a fair amount of chicken and red meat, I thought, a while back, I’d start my early holiday season with one of my favorite fish. Haddock.  Incredibly under-rated in my opinion, this is a wonderfully light and super flaky fish that pairs well with more than is immediately obvious. Now, it’s been awhile since I’ve even cooked some haddock and I was quickly reminded of that fact, as sometimes our kitchen experiments go awry. But never fear as I used my intense collection and log of recipes plus the resources of the world-wide web to bring to you guys, after a long while away: Haddock, 3 wonderful ways. It’s “Fantastic Foods” at it’s best, honestly. For the flavor of this fish is pretty mild and it is pretty easy to underestimate the amount and types of seasonings that are appropriate as to have a pleasant result. I hope you enjoy them!

They say “There is more than one way to skin a chicken.” and it is exactly the same premise for haddock I suppose.

*Sidenote: I attempted to make haddock without using any butter once and on a few occasions even tried to marinate it before cooking it, which just didn’t come out right at all and like most things in life, it just seems better, no matter how you make it, if butter is involved at some stage or the process. 🙂

The 1st recipe is an altered broiled version of my own, the 2nd is an amalgamation of lots of fried fish sandwich recipes I have come across and decided to simply throw my interpretation down on paper and the 3rd is a baked recipe I found online randomly on some site that I can’t actually remember for it was a while ago. Here we go!


1. Broiled Haddock


4 Haddock fillets

2 tbsp butter ( cubed or chopped)

1 tsp pepper + salt

1/2 tsp chili powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic powder & onion powder

1 lime or lemon ( I love using lime when using cilantro)

1/2 tsp cilantro


Pre-heat your broiler (or you can even use a toaster oven, set to broil)

Mix all your seasonings together in a bowl

Place fillets on a baking sheet (lined with foil if you wish)

Sprinkle both side generously with your seasoning

Place your cubed butter all atop your fish fillets

Cook 10-15 mins or until easily flaked with a fork

fried haddock

2. Fried Po’ Boy Sandwich


1 c. all-purpose flour

1 (12 oz) medium bodied beer

1 egg

1 baguette ( cut into 6- 8 inch pieces then cut lengthwise) (toasted in butter)

1 large dill pickle ( for the side)

tartar sauce ( I actually used flavored store-bought kind)

Salt and Pepper

1 tbsp cayenne pepper, curry and coriander

lettuce (Julienne) or cole-slaw if you prefer

canola oil and grated parmesan cheese


Mix your beer, seasonings, egg, flour and salt and pepper in a bowl to create your batter. ( make sure not to stir it too much as to prevent bubbles)

Heat your canola oil in your fry pan until it’s about 375 degrees F ( you’ll know when it’s hot by simply dropping a  dollop of batter into it and when it sizzles its ready)

Roll each fillet in your batter until well coated, making sure to let the excess run off

Fry each of your fillets for 4-5 mins on each side or until golden and crispy, set aside on paper towel to drain excess oil

While the fish are resting toast your baguette with a bit of butter on them. I like to put them in the oven for 3 minutes then they are perfectly toasted and just soft enough.

Place your tartar sauce on each side, then a fish fillet and then some lettuce and sprinkle it with parmesan. Plate and don’t forget to add your dill pickle on the side. Enjoy with a beer of any kind!

baked haddock

3. Baked ( Amazingly fantastic!)


3/4 c. milk and bread crumbs

2 tsp salt

1/4 c. butter ( melted)

1/4 c. parmesan

1/4 c. thyme (ground and dry)

1 lemon

4 haddock fillets


Pre-heat your oven to 450 Degrees F

In a bowl mix milk and salt and stir.

In a separate bowl mix bread crumbs, parmesan and thyme.

Dip fillets into the milk coating both sides then into your bread crumb mixture.

Place fillets into your baking dish and then drizzle your butter slowly on top of them

Bake 15 mins or until fish flakes easily

Serve warm and sprinkle lemon and parmesan on top. 🙂

Side note: As per usual I sometimes use photos online to help give an idea of what the food should like, as I haven’t gotten that special camera I have been dying for to take fabulous photos of the food I make. Usually though my better half, the fabulous Red himself has generally eaten whatever food we do make before a picture can ever be taken. I am working to remedy this problem soon however. In the meantime I sometimes use photos of food that is as close to my own dish as possible. Either way the food will be fantastic 🙂

Home-made chicken pot pie!

Welcome to another edition of Fantastic Food.

I am fortunate to have a pretty large family, the size that means you better put all the food on your plate the first go round because there are so many people there probably won’t be any left. There are also quite a few wonderful cooks  in my family and believe it or not some of the best of them are the guys in my family. My Grandpa Amos and my cousin Julian is included here. It was his passion, my grandpa, and love for food that probably sat with me the most growing up. He always made breakfast lunch and dinner. He threw together recipes and last-minute ideas without even a furrow of the brow all the while never once glancing into the pages of a cook book. He was a true majesty in the kitchen. I never sprinkle a single grain of salt or pepper without him in my thoughts. On that note it is my grandpa Amos who ultimately inspired today’s dish and I didn’t even realize it until after Red and I had cooked it.

So a bit shout out to the fabulously bearded man in my life, the wonderful and consistently hungry, Red himself. For he often helps to evoke and revive the best things in me. Like chicken pot pie. So one day after a grocery store visit, Red came home with peas and carrots. From these two simple ingredients he had a plan in his mind. Just like that, he nonchalantly added under his breath while un-packing the groceries “Definitely going to make some chicken pot pie. A giant one.” As you can imagine I giggled to myself because my boyfriend loves food and everything that has anything to do with it and he seriously is planning dinner and lunch and midnight snacks in  is his head on a regular basis. Needless to say several days later we were equipped with all the ingredients we needed to make one giant chicken pot pie and what happened next was amazing. Just like grandpa, we took a long loved family dish and without realizing, we had changed it and made it our own.

We made home-made chicken pot pie with a parmesan crust!!!!!! Enjoy.


2 cans cream of mushroom soup ( we used campbells)

1 large red onion (diced)

1 pack of peas and carrots ( you can use frozen)

9″  pie pan

9′ pie crust (2)

Chicken ( boiled then shredded)

Parmesan cheese


Salt and pepper


  • First boil your chicken until cooked then place on a cutting board and shred into lots of pieces ( I put the chicken in a ziploc bag with a tsp of butter and salt and pepper to sit while  I prepared everything else)

  • Heat a skillet with olive oil on medium heat

  • put onions, carrots and peas, chicken into skillet, cook for about ten minutes

  • Heat your oven to 350 Degrees F

  • Add your can of mushroom soup to the skillet, let it cook down for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally


  • While your mixture is cooking prepare your crust. Roll both crusts out flat. take some melted butter and slather a little on the bottom of your pie pan then place crust gently inside.

  • Add your mixture to the pie crust.  Then cover your pan with the second crust, folding the edges onto each other to secure it close. ( I simply pinched the dough with my fingers.


  • Make 4 or 5 slices in the crust and slather a thin layer of melted butter on top.







  • Voila, place in oven and wait 30 minutes or until it’s golden brown on top and that is it!!!


Happy eatin’

❤ Cassandra


A visit to Pepperidge Farm.


This month I came down with a little mini cold. I was under the weather for a few days and so my better half Red brought in from work one day a little care basket filled with all the necessities a sick girl might need. Nyquil, gummy bears, an italian sub, ginger-ale and a bag of pepperridge farm cookies. The short bread ones. You know, all the usual. Well…It got me thinking about my favorite cookies ever. Of course they are my mothers home-made short bread cookies that were made from memory, with no recipe or measurement cups. She’d throw in a pinch of this or a handful of that and presto! Cookies! Man would I love a fabulous plate of short bread cookies, sweet and sugary, that fell apart in your mouth. Many years later I discovered a similar happiness with Pepperidge farm cookies. The short bread ones of course.  Now, I like other types of cookies that they make however they always seem to leave something to be desired in my opinion. But then again I may a bit bias since I am sincerely in love with their short bread cookies. :-). Anyhow, after being a bit ill and bed-ridden for  a few days and all netflixed out it was a welcomed treat, those cookies.

pepperidge farm shortbread cookies

It turns out they have been around since the early 40’s and so I  figured there are lots of good tid bits to discover about the Farm. 🙂

Started by a mother and house wife, from Connecticut, Margaret Rudkin, attempting to find a preservative free bread for her son due to his allergies came Pepperidge Farms. What she started was a conglomerate of fabulous cookies and baked goods. A trip to Belgium in the 50’s and Pepperidge Farm being acquired in the 60’s by Campbell’s Soup brought us the very famous “Goldfish Crackers”  and “Chocolate Chunk” cookies and mor..

They rank in the top 2% brands worldwide in brand equity.

Despite my allegiance lying with only the shortbread cookies they actually use  real ingredients in all their other products.

Pepperidge Farm products are available in over 45 countries, have relationships with over 40 distributors and 80 retailers all over the globe.

They also offer the opportunity to become a Pepperidge Farm independent distributor. So very awesome, allowing the entrepeneur in us all to shine bright, if it should so be your desire.

To my surprise, their website boasts of a large array of company recipes and ideas from breakfast, pastries and sandwiches to full meals and desserts.

All in all I never thought that I would have so much to say about one of my favorite packaged cookies, however the short bread cookies are simply fantastic! I recommend them with the lights a bit dim and your covers pulled all the way up and your favorite Sylvester Stallone movie on the tube. Or have them after you’ve enjoyed that lasagna you have been putting off making since last fall. 🙂


❤ Cassandra