Zero to hero: day one

Well My name is Cassandra and I am 30 yrs old. I am new to the blogging game and quite in love with it thus far. I am apart of this blog convention to learn more about the ins and outs of blogging in general and to expand my writing. More specifically I hope to gain a better perspective of what kind of writer I actually am and reach out to more people despite the seemingly random quirkiness that always seems to come out onto the page. 🙂

My blog,  A cup of noodle soup, is an amalgamation of a few things I have fallen in love with throughout my 20’s, the color pink, cows, whiskey and the food that invariably is on my mind every moment I am not thinking of the others. I am hoping to reach out to like-minded folks without discluding writers and topics of varying kinds. You see, I am one of those people who sits and thinks about everything or at the very least it seems that way to me. In the sunshine with my coffee on a sunday the poor sea turtles being wrapped up in plastic in the ocean will come to mind or at night when it’s raining I will enjoy a glass of whiskey that I have never had and spend hours with friends discussing where it came from and what kind of bar snacks it would taste good with.

The troubles that I have found with my blogging is that I often am worried that I am letting my rampant thinking get the best of me and that perhaps my blog is too all over the place. Is there room for me to talk about my obsession with baking cupcakes and still write about how to stay healthy with this awesome spring beet salad recipe I just found in my journal?

I suppose that is why I decided to write publicly as oppose to keeping a journal with all my thoughts and ideas to myself.  Which I have done since almost the moment I could read and write. Sharing these parts of me just sort felt like an even better outlet and I have been surprisingly inspired but others blogs and posts and comments, that I am almost worried with all the new thoughts and writing ideas I have now.

Anyways, sorry for getting started late and this is a bit about me and why I am here.

Day one! 🙂


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