Zero to hero: day 4- say “hi” to the neighbors!


Today’s assignment is to follow five new topics in the Reader and follow five new blogs. Hmmmm…. I am immediately frustrated lol as I am not certain as to what the difference is and the Reader is kind of intimidating.

-But here goes my first topic, IPA beers 

I typed in IPA beers and one of the first blogs that popped up was one about an adventure to try 100 new beers, 1 per week and then write about it. Genius idea! I write about beer and love it and there just is never enough info in your head or on your tongue when it comes to beer. I am often so busy writing about the things I am trying to say that I forget others interests might align with my own. I now Follow this blog!

-Second I typed in Avocado, because well….avocado is like a little bit of heaven when you eat it. If there is a heaven I imagine they must serve a variety of small avocado dishes as appetizers before all the other amazing food shows up. hehe . I am getting hungry writing this. You can imagine all the fabulous food related blogs I was expecting to come across. I found a fabulous home-made hair conditioner with avocado in it, a post about delicious avocado salads in a mason jar ( followed this one), How to plant avocado’s at home (doing it), A “green drink”  that I assume has avocado’s in it and so much more. I am more excited about today’s assignment than I thought I would or could be and I am only on my second topic. yay!


-Third. The third topic and blog I discovered and wound up following was a fabulous blog under the topic ‘People’. This person actually liked one of my Zero to hero pieces and so I decided to look in on their blog, after all, I am certain that was the point of this assignment. Well, I was pleasantly surprised, as before I began, I figured I definitely would  not like quite so many blogs I came across. It was a jazzy blog that encouraged people from all walks of life to read and learn about all types of interesting things that are far too many to name here that . There was even a poem about a bakery there, Yay I say, I love all things bakery related.

– The fourth and fifth topics I decided to look into were Bacon and Cheese for all the obvious reasons. Mainly because food was on the brain today and  because they are amazing on everything and it’s usually interesting to see how people feel about them one way or another. Even vegan bacon is amazing. turkey bacon is right up there too.

All in all I’m pleasantly surprised that I finished today’s assignment as it was slightly intimidating in the beginning. I now am strapped and armed with a plethora of inspiration and knowledge, from others.

thank you ❤ day 4



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