Zero to hero: day 11- Be a good neighbor

For today’s assignment I must begin with a blog that I posted on by a fellow zero to hero blogger, Karuna. She inspired me with her assignment for day 11. I was merely going to post a list with the links to the four blogs I commented on  thus fulfilling the day 11 requirements but somehow her day 11 gave me the jolt I needed, much like my coffee does 🙂 to really get into it and share something more interesting. So I decided that along with the links to the blogs I comment on I will attempt to share the one wonderful thing upon first visit that really stuck out to make me honestly comment in the first place. Happy Saturday folks.

1.  This is the first blog I visited – The reason I wanted to leave a comment in all honestly is because upon scrolling down to see if I was interested in anything I found a short article where she was naming 11 facts about herself for the purpose of being nominated for a blogging award. She goes on to say “I yell at inanimate objects”, and I laughed aloud right here in at my desk because So do I!  haha Needless to say I can’t wait to see what else this blog has in store for me.  Unfortunately I didn’t see an option to comment but I now follow this blog so I hope this counts. 🙂

2. The 2nd is and the post was titled ” Bacon onion Buns” I don’t think there is much to elaborate on in terms of why I was immediately drawn to this blog. hehe I shall tell you anyways. The title of the blog is ‘Devour, bake, devour, repeat’ . Ummm I love all things bake related but it was the actual header on this blog that captivated me. You will have to take a look to understand what I mean. It’s the perfect picture for those of us who gain most of their happiness from feeding others ❤ ‘d it and followed it!

3.  The 3rd one is and the article that grabbed my attention and warranted a post was titled  “What’s your favorite pork product”. I don’t eat that much meat at all but recently enjoyed thin pork chops with my eggs in the morning that were left over from the night before. All I can say is yummy!

4. For the fourth blog I intended to post on I actually went the Blogging 101 commons page and randomly selected one of the participants based on their little square photo in the sidebar on the left. I chose because theirs was a wonderful photo of this beautiful fabric. The blog is about Batik fabric. I couldn’t find a place to comment again however I am glad I found this site. 🙂

I enjoyed day 11 even though I was a bit late turning my last few assignments. Ready for the next one!



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