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img_20160825_035407      I’m Cassandra, a 32 yr old life enthusiast, raised in NYC and now I travel with my fiance Red on the road. Red’s from the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.  Along the way I write and rave, eat, explore and so much more. The Red Roar works hard on the railroad as a superintendent, is a grill-master with wilderness wherewithal and even urban survival skills (NYC parking is cray!). Together we cook, eat, laugh, nap…repeat. :-).

This blog is a continuous flow of thoughts, ideas and eyebrow raises that I have about pretty much  whatever. hehe Anything sparkly, cute, delicious, eclectic, weird, distilled or fun I suppose.

Some of my adventures are right at home and some at my favorite bars or restaurants where I find good beer, whiskey or wine and pair them with some treats and maybe even some jukebox dancing.

The list of life’s best little joys to try to to discover can be short or it can be long. The choice to make it so is our own.

So enjoy my blog  and witness me try to navigate all that my generation  has to offer.




8 thoughts on “About :-)

  1. Why hello there, NanOnoodle!
    I wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. I’m not sure if you’ve been nominated before, but I chose to nominate you anyway because I truly enjoy your writing and I’d love to know more about you! If you’d like to see more what the Liebster Award is about, you can check out my post (below)! I hope to hear back from you!



    • oh my gosh!!! thank you… so awesome to wake up to this. hehehe I read your 11 answers and I couldnt believe how much we have in common lol… thank you so much.I will get to writing me answers to the 11 questions very soon. As a fairly new blogger I am so excited that you enjoy my writing. 🙂 it really means so much!!!


      • Well good morning, then!!!!! I’m extremely glad to nominate you, as I’ve also noticed many similarities between the two of us. I apologize for not visiting your blog more often. I’ve had quite a chaotic spell, but things are finally slowing down! I can’t wait to read your answers! 😀


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