Reasons I won’t fly, that have nothing to do with flying.

BonJour my loves.

Today I was thinking about some of the travel opportunities I might have in the coming year.  In deep thought I sat conjuring up all the scary and really relevant reasons for not flying in this day and age despite the fact that flying is still the safest way, statistically, to travel. I soon realized that my new-found fears and anxiety of flying are really nothing compared to my old upsets of the flying process (in regards to other people.) So of course a fabulous list has come about, that I think everyone should read and then apply where necessary, as to help people like me, whose anxiety about flying is caused more or less by an abundance of inconsiderate airline patrons.

So here we go.


Reasons why I won’t fly:

images (8)ONE. Most people would agree that children are a blessing. A firm congratulations if you have come to this realization and to the lucky parents out there fortunate enough to have kids. However, if your kids are like most kids and run around happily oblivious to the effect their high-pitched, scratchy voices have on people, then perhaps a family trip in an RV would be more suitable?!?. Parents, if you don’t yet possess the ability to encourage your children to behave like actual humans in crowded public spaces like an airport, instead or feral beasts, then perhaps a rental car or pre-existing car-pooling system to your destination might be more appropriate.


If this photo seems familiar and looks perhaps a bit like you then it is you I am talking to.

TWO. As a fully grown person no one has a healthier appreciation for  a good glass of liquid courage/relaxation than me. However, you frequent flyers out there who insist on getting unbelievably obliterated at the airport bar only to then inhale 15 gin and tonics on your flight, sloshing around belligerently  make an already anxious situation worse. How about save that for St. Patrick’s Day or get a prescription for an anti-anxiety med like Xanax like a normal person.

THREE. Being a flight attendant, I believe is not only an awesome and interesting profession but its important as well. Having said that, surprisingly I’ve come across way too many flight attendants who have forgotten that they indeed are responsible for the safety and calm of the passengers. You can’t be rude and mean. Because quite frankly for those of us already nervous flyers, we rely almost fully on the flight attendants to make us feel relaxed and calm once we have boarded the plane. So, how about stop gossiping in the corner of the plane before we take off and make sure we all have our seat belts on and maybe even crack a smile or two. It makes all the difference in the world. 🙂 Just saying.

FOUR. The possible chance of contracting Ebola or some other such disease, virus or pathogen. You wouldn’t think this would be a reason not to fly in this country but apparently it is these days. Enough said. #hazmatsuit

public toilet survival kit

This survival kit includes 2 antiseptic wipes, 1 pair disposable gloves and a toilet seat cover.

FIVE. cartoon toiletI have a really unhealthy fear of using public toilets. This includes airport bathrooms. This is the one place I feel like the bathrooms in the world should be the cleanest, seeing that  tens of thousands of people use them daily. However before I fly I literally won’t have any water for like a full day in the hopes I won’t have to use the bathroom once I arrive at the airport because the general cleanliness of most of them is non-existent. It’s actually pretty horrifying how dirty they generally are. So I understand that unemployment is still at an all time 6 year low, so maybe we should think of hiring more cleaning people for the airport bathrooms to maybe get that number up. Just a thought. Oh but in the event you suffer from this same fear you can purchase a public toilet survival kit. Yes, it’s real and you’re welcome.

SIX. Here is a good one. Remember when it was like almost free to check a normal size bag in before your flight? Well it’s like 25$ to check any bag at all under 50 pounds now. And a whole lot more money if your bag weighs more than 50 pounds. I am not sure how a piece of luggage could weigh that much but that isn’t the point. The price in plane tickets hasn’t seemed to gone down significantly so I am not sure why the price for checked luggage has gone up. Maybe to pay for the extra fuel needed to carry all the extra heavy 50 plus pound bags. hmmmm.

SEVEN. Those people on a Jet Blue flight who think its cool to lean their chairs all the way back until it’s ramming into your knee caps causing you excruciating pain. You know who you are!!!. It’s not like you can get too forward about your personal comfort on a plane for fear of causing a scene. You want everyone to be comfortable, after all, we all paid for our ticket. But like, what about my knees? I am not even close to being tall and I have had this problem on Jet Blue flights many a time. We all fly Jet Blue because in general they have lots of flights all over the country for what I assume are decent prices but that also means there isn’t a ton of room either. This isn’t American Airlines. Your not flying to China on one of those fancy schmancy planes where your seat converts into an actual bed so how about we look behind us before lowering our seat and maybe take into consideration the fact that we may be ruining someones perfectly good knee caps just to get a few hours sleep on our flight to Cali.

This list isn’t all I have to randomly rant about in regards to this topic but I figured by number 6 or 7 you’d probably get the point. 🙂

Happy and safe flying to all.

❤ Cassandra


My favorite ways to say cheers!


One of the best ways to communicate with someone whose language you don’t speak is through the old way of simply saying Cheers! As old as dirt itself, it’s the term that every country, language and culture has a version of. And although in some places there are slightly different translations of the term “cheers”, they generally all represent the same idea. To celebrate living life via the consumption of beverages, usually alcoholic. To raise your glass to those around you to a good time, good health and fabulous future endeavors. I sip merrily to the happiness and well-being of those around me.  With the amalgamation of people I know from all over, knowing how to communicate in this one way often says more than any other words you may attempt, especially if you do not know their native tongue. So In the spirit of Happiness and good ales from the world over let us find some of our favorite ways to say Cheers. Below I have listed just a few of the ones I like the best and the way to spell it and the phonetic pronunciation. However I had a really hard time placing the correct international symbols for certain letters into my blogs format so for that, I apologize.

Happy Sipping,


Kan Pai, in happiness!

Albanian- Gezuar ( Geh-zoo-ah)

Catalan- Salut ( Sah-lut)

Chinese(Mandarin)- Gan Bei ( Gan Bay)

Czech- Na zdravi (Naz-drah-vee)

Hungarian- Egeszsegedre ( Egg-esh-ay ged-reh) Which translates to “To your health”

Japanese- Kanpai ( Kan-pie) Which translates to “Dry the glass”

Swedish- Skal (Skaol)

Thai- Choke dee ( Chok-dee)

Welsh- Iechyd da (Yeh-chid- dah)

Yiddish- Sei gesund ( Say-gehsund)


So when you come across someone and you want to wish them the best over drinks or dinner here are some good ones. Feel free to comment about your favorite ways to cheers so I can add them to my list.

❤ Cassandra


Skinny women are “real women” too folks.

Real women?

I saw a segment on the news today about a new fb page and hashtag, titled #loveyourlines. Celebrating “real women” and women with curves and stretch marks. It’s a very beautiful concept to celebrate the many shapes and looks of the various types of women out there. I support women supporting women and propagating to our youth that everyone isn’t air brushed or super skinny like in magazines and on the runway. Not everyone is the size, shape and smoothness that society depicts as perfection. We are indeed all perfectly beautiful for this exact reason.

However what continuously bothers me is when these campaigns arise with labels and titles like “Real women”. It actually offends me slightly that these women who are large or curvy or have stretch marks decide to say “We are real women” totally disregarding those of us who are small, petite and thinly made by nature. We are real women as well folks. Throughout life as a very petite women I am often bombarded with “You don’t understand, your skinny.” or “You can eat whatever you want.”. As though all of life’s problems are solved by simply  being thin or small. As though myself and every other small person in the world don’t have their own plights in life.  A perfect example is the photo below. What is Dove trying to say?  Do they only want larger, curvier women using their soap or something? That the women on the bottom are actually the “real” women?  That they are actually “beautiful”? Aren’t all these women top and bottom beautiful for their own reasons. I think so. Let’s stop segregating quite so much Dove.


Here is a perfect example. I think all the women, above and below are beautiful and real.

It bothers me greatly because although I’m naturally really small I work really hard to be in shape and take care of my body, as I would certainly do even if I was a larger person. I’m not curvy but I probably tackle more clothing problems than bigger women.  In the Us the average woman wears a 12-14 dress size. You know how hard it is to find things in my own damn size? Stores carry lots of clothes in these sizes but only carry a few in mine. I have stretch marks too. And I too struggle with what is considered “beautiful” and “real”. If you are born with a set of ovaries then you are indeed a woman!. And despite these campaigns and attempts to unify women of all sizes and struggles, they are sometimes inadvertently leaving some of us out. Or at least that is how I feel. It should be said that the same goes for the many industries that only propagate tall anorexic looking women as the only real beauty too. Because skinny bitches are not the only ones out there who are fierce and fabulous. Just saying.

So… I guess what I am getting at is that my definition of a real woman is one who embraces her whole self no matter her size, shape or color. Period.

That’s my rant for the day.


Happy livin’

❤ Cassandra

Home-made chicken pot pie!

Welcome to another edition of Fantastic Food.

I am fortunate to have a pretty large family, the size that means you better put all the food on your plate the first go round because there are so many people there probably won’t be any left. There are also quite a few wonderful cooks  in my family and believe it or not some of the best of them are the guys in my family. My Grandpa Amos and my cousin Julian is included here. It was his passion, my grandpa, and love for food that probably sat with me the most growing up. He always made breakfast lunch and dinner. He threw together recipes and last-minute ideas without even a furrow of the brow all the while never once glancing into the pages of a cook book. He was a true majesty in the kitchen. I never sprinkle a single grain of salt or pepper without him in my thoughts. On that note it is my grandpa Amos who ultimately inspired today’s dish and I didn’t even realize it until after Red and I had cooked it.

So a bit shout out to the fabulously bearded man in my life, the wonderful and consistently hungry, Red himself. For he often helps to evoke and revive the best things in me. Like chicken pot pie. So one day after a grocery store visit, Red came home with peas and carrots. From these two simple ingredients he had a plan in his mind. Just like that, he nonchalantly added under his breath while un-packing the groceries “Definitely going to make some chicken pot pie. A giant one.” As you can imagine I giggled to myself because my boyfriend loves food and everything that has anything to do with it and he seriously is planning dinner and lunch and midnight snacks in  is his head on a regular basis. Needless to say several days later we were equipped with all the ingredients we needed to make one giant chicken pot pie and what happened next was amazing. Just like grandpa, we took a long loved family dish and without realizing, we had changed it and made it our own.

We made home-made chicken pot pie with a parmesan crust!!!!!! Enjoy.


2 cans cream of mushroom soup ( we used campbells)

1 large red onion (diced)

1 pack of peas and carrots ( you can use frozen)

9″  pie pan

9′ pie crust (2)

Chicken ( boiled then shredded)

Parmesan cheese


Salt and pepper


  • First boil your chicken until cooked then place on a cutting board and shred into lots of pieces ( I put the chicken in a ziploc bag with a tsp of butter and salt and pepper to sit while  I prepared everything else)

  • Heat a skillet with olive oil on medium heat

  • put onions, carrots and peas, chicken into skillet, cook for about ten minutes

  • Heat your oven to 350 Degrees F

  • Add your can of mushroom soup to the skillet, let it cook down for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally


  • While your mixture is cooking prepare your crust. Roll both crusts out flat. take some melted butter and slather a little on the bottom of your pie pan then place crust gently inside.

  • Add your mixture to the pie crust.  Then cover your pan with the second crust, folding the edges onto each other to secure it close. ( I simply pinched the dough with my fingers.


  • Make 4 or 5 slices in the crust and slather a thin layer of melted butter on top.







  • Voila, place in oven and wait 30 minutes or until it’s golden brown on top and that is it!!!


Happy eatin’

❤ Cassandra