Zero to hero: day two, say your name

So the title and tagline of my blog are “A cup of noodle soup”- Life’s adventure with a 30-year-old. However it used to say ‘An adventure with an almost 30 year old’ and that was way cooler I think especially since I want to often write about stuff I learned in my 20’s. All kinds of stuff, food, guys, makeup, the environment etc.  However now I am 30 so it would be awesome to come up with a better tagline.

In regards to the title of my blog ” A cup of noodle soup”, I actually kind of love it. I didn’t have to think about it, it wrote itself the second I started my blog. It comes from a few different things. Firstly every person who has ever attended college or simply works their butt off, especially living in Manhattan, has had a time in their life where the decision to eat a real meal or pay their rent crossed their mind but it’s a  pretty simple one. Rent! lol At some point when you’re an adult supporting yourself and have your bill schedule on point, finally and sustaining yourself like a productive part of society you inevitably at some point will randomly grab a cup of noodle soup in Duane Reade and laugh at a time when you had no choice but to eat it. lol They are delicious by the way, despite the gross amount of sodium in them. I love them and still eat them when I am having one of those days where only the simple things cheer you. Secondly, my boyfriends nickname for me is Noodle. Which might sound silly but if you knew me, it couldn’t be more appropriate. I love noodles, any type of noodles and I eat noodles all the time! I am also a pretty thin and small noodle-y kind of a woman at an even 100 lbs standing tall at 5′ 2″. 🙂 . So the name is very fitting and when I started sweating one day about what name I would use for my blog I was typing before my crazy mind even got a chance to sift through the ridiculous ideas I had in my head. (on a side note I am one of those weird people who only sweats when I am either exercising or extremely excited and nervous about something, like every time I sit down to write )

So that’s the reason for my title and tagline, but I would love feedback from any and all who care to share. After all everything can always be better in the mind of the writer, right? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Zero to hero: day two, say your name

  1. I love your title. It’s a no nonsense, right on lovable title. I travelled in South East Asia last year, and had some of the best noodle soups on the planet. So good infact, that I went native and had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pho glorious soup!


    • haha noodles! they rock my world! hehe And thank you, it’s great to hear that my title is lovable and no non sense, since both descriptions aren’t often used to describe one single thing. But I am indeed both so I am glad my title reflected this. I don’t know what I’ll do if I ever get the chance to travel to South East Asia, probably eat only noodles . 🙂


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