zero to hero: Day 5- Love your theme

Try at least three themes, one that your drawn to and you one you would never choose. hmmmmm…/.

So the themes that I decided to try are listed below and why I either loved them or hated them. I have to say this was more disturbing that one would think it would be. After all I love the theme I use for my blog (Adelle) and it’s kind of like my baby so just the thought of changing what felt like a lifetime to pick. I was however glad that I did it having come to the realization I didn’t have to actually change anything within my actual blog. Then previewing the many themes immediately became a fun task of discovery.

Mystique– I liked this one. aesthetically pleasing. The photos of my blog as well as the articles themselves were nice and it was a bit girly.

Yoko– Has a very smooth look to it and slightly feminine. Which I like a bit.

Ryu– Hated this one. The words were way too large and that’s all I could see.

Chateau– Loved this one because it’s super feminine and lady like to the eye. 🙂

Patchyderm– I love this one! Very much personality as it had little cartoon zoo animals at the header. Which aside from hearts or pink are right up my alley.

All in all I realized that my attachment to the theme I chose originally for my blog, my very first blog as this one is need not hold me down or prevent me from change. I now can see myself possibly changing my theme to suit my writing style and topics as they change and evolve. 🙂 good day 5 over all.




2 thoughts on “zero to hero: Day 5- Love your theme

    • So, I finally figured out how to follow your blog, per your very easy instructions. 🙂 Mystique is an awesome looking theme I thought, seriously thinking of possibly changing my theme today. We shall see, sun is shining, anything can happen hehe

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