Welcome back!


Greetings and Salutations good folk !

Welcome back to ” A cup of Noodle Soup” , life’s journey with a 30 – something year old. I’m returned from a glamorous writing hiatus. More specifically I’m returned from an entire year of extreme writers block combined with a malfunctioning computer. Nevertheless, I intend to re-peak interests and continue to explore life’s bounty of awesome-ness and sometimes not so awesome-ness…through fantastic food, yoga, booze, dude-stuff, random rants, adult-lazing and more!

My handsome fiance, Red will also be returning with even more bearded mountain man mayhem on the grill and in the kitchen. There will be an exciting new section vaguely named “Sandwiches and such“. It will be a loose and often giggly, sometimes buzzed chronicling of the Red Roar himself doing what he does… make magic happen.:-)

Something else thats cool, I will be using more of my own pics and videos . I’ve downloaded tons of useful apps and widget things to assist me in this endeavor. I only mention it because I’m not very tech savy and often am just slightly behind on the new flavorful words inducted into the urban dictionary. Most electronic devices find my very presence offensive and literally function of their own accord.    🙂 So basically … yay me! I’m tip toeing my way into the 21st century.

The List of life’s best little joys to try and discover can be short or it can be long. The choice to make it so, IS OUR OWN. I hope you’re looking forward to it because I know I am.

Make love, food or anything else… Not war.

See you soon ❤ Cassandra

New articles coming October 1st 2016, here’s a sneak peek:

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How I plan to join a bird watching club!


download (5)

Easter Bluebird- NY state bird


At 31 years old, a free spirit and a lover of all things associated with strange  geriatric behavior, I have decided I want to join a bird watching club. Often on a beautifully sunlit morning I will be unnecessarily excited, coffee in hand and noticing all the wonderful little birdies out my window. I have been doing a little bit of traveling on the east coast this year and was fortunate enough to experience some of the strangest and prettiest birds ever,  my interest ever more peaked. Sometimes I am convinced they are singing specifically to me.

Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet Tanager

I decided they obviously love me and in my quest to become a bird whisperer, what hobby would better suited to tack onto my already fabulously long list of fun oddities 30 year olds generally don’t do, than bird watching… Plus I figured I’ll get to re-vamp the very unattractive khaki outfits and fisher men like hats that bird watchers of yester-year seem to wear. I have decided I am going to create my own unique outfit “collection” for the eclectic bird watcher of my generation. I’ll also add a much-needed happy hour ( which will include flasks) and do away with the plain old black binoculars and design some sparkly glitterized ones that really get your bird watching juices flowing. Those juices I refer to can include whiskey, vodka, juice and/or beer as long as it’s carried in an interesting container of some sort.

How I’ll get started !!!

According to www.birdwatching.com “Bird watching is your lifetime ticket to the theater of nature.” How very intriguing, right? It’s also called , throughout the bird circuit, “wildlife observation” which always makes me feel less creepy about it. 🙂 I decided it best if I research the ins and outs of it a bit more, learn from more formidable bird watching experts and really get in the know about the beautiful winged creatures of the sky. 🙂

So here are some tips I found online during my research that may or may not apply but here we go anyways.

In North America alone there are over 800 different species of birds so I plan on getting a cute little book or journal to detail all my danube deltafindings and I plan to add a section to my journal titled ” Birdies that look like someone I know”. I’ll also be on the hunt for my very own book of birds, which is also known as a “field guide”.  This will help to identify specific species and I imagine has information on their habits, migrating cycles and so forth.

I’ll learn how they relate to nature scientifically and environmentally, their names and most exciting their individual bird songs! Because apparently all birdies have a little song of their own.

Hats, Hats, Hats, Hats everybody!- So since a hat of some kind is required, to shield and protect your eyes from the sun or other creepy bird watchers you don’t want staring at you, I am going to find a bad-ass fedora to decorate with feather and beads. Who says you have to be a plain Jane when watching birds?

I’m going to need a “birding vest” of some kind. Made from that atrocious khaki material I hear. It’s useful for all kinds of things like holding your binoculars, note pad or field guide even. I plan to have all of those things plus some insect repellent. Mine will be fully equipped to hold all my necessities like un-scented lip balm and SPF for my face. And although I didn’t find it written anywhere that a bag of any kind was required, I feel a nice satchel, perhaps made out of leather, will probably be a great addition to the vest that definitely will not fit all my bird watching essentials and will add to the fun of my personal bird watching.

pink  binoculars

I found these on pinterest, they have inspired me to create a similar pair.

Must have your own Binoculars! – So you can’t share your binoculars…although sharing is caring folks. However I read several birding blogs and articles that seemed rather explicit and stern about this detail. Several people explained it like it was the sin to top all bird watching sins. I kid you not. Apparently if you have a pair of binoculars and your friend does not and you let them use it, you may miss the bird you’re looking for. Oh no!!! Not that! Shouldn’t the reason we don’t share binoculars be so we don’t spread pink eye or some other infectious eye disease amongst each other? Anyhow, I’m going to try to get a used pair (which I’ll sanitize) from somewhere and jazz them up with some rhinestones and stuff. It will be great and very pretty.

QAB’s ( Questions About Birding) 🙂

Where can I see some pretty birds?

You can watch birds anywhere ( obviously) like your backyard, if you live in a place where there are more species than just pigeons.  Any national park or nature habitat will do. But I imagine that once I am apart of an actual bird watching club there will be organized trips of some kind so I won’t have to come up with places on my own to sit around drinking and looking for birds. Until then one of the places I am hoping to start is the Botanical Gardens. I love going to see the thousands of wonderful flowers in the spring but I figured there are probably so many birds hanging out there that I never noticed too. We shall see.

What type of people bird watch?

images (9)

I found that it is a loved hobby among people of all ages but on television it always seems to be portrayed as the favored past-time of introverted older folks who are retired or widowed or something. As to who is actually out there I have no idea….I do plan on bringing some personality, va-va-voom and hopefully an actual person to do it with.

Is it expensive?

From what I discovered this hobby will mostly cost you just your time and dedication. The binoculars, even the most basic ones, are really quite expensive so I decided to include the cost of those and any adult beverage and snacks in the event all that waiting around for birds stirs up my appetite. I don’t see how a Ziploc of gummy bears, licorice or wheat thins would hurt any.

Can you make noise?

I am almost positive during your bird observing adventures you are supposed to remain fairly quiet. Now, as a pretty chatty, smiley and over all super giggly kind of person I am slightly worried that I might fail on this front. I am one of those people who gets the giggles at my own jokes and who can find humor and happiness in practically anything. The point of the silence is so that you don’t scare away the birds but I think that if I am going to be observing them in their natural state I might as well be in mine. Besides I intend to arrive to my bird watching adventures with a solid amount of bird jokes as to share with the group. No one will be silent. 🙂

I am so excited to get started and if and when this turns out not to be boring and full of surprise and adventure I will write more about it and share what I have learned.

Ok that’s it.

❤ Cassandra







Pinterest is a Poopy Pickle!

With so many social media sites and social platforms in our society and culture today, there isn’t a single thing you can’t google or find on the internet to aid in your DIY ( Do It Yourself) projects. It doesn’t always turn out the way you hope however. Let me tell you about my most recent baking adventure gone all the way wrong.

My girlfriend, the sweetheart that she is, wanted to do something nice for this guy she was seeing. It was her first time watching his dog and house sitting while he was away on a business trip. So as you can imagine, it was kind of a big deal, as she was hoping the relationship was taking a turn onto the girlfriend/boyfriend road. Long story longer…. she went to the wonder that is Pinterest to find a few fabulous recipes so she could leave a cute little plate of baked goods when she left for him to find upon his return. Cute right?

Behold, she came across what seemed to be a great recipe for Nutella and peanut butter filled croissants. Who wouldn’t love that left in their kitchen by a hot woman? Well this recipe involved but 3 ingredients ( red flag!) which included a can of Pillsbury dough ( 2nd red flag!) and surprised us both.

images (10)

Nutella and croissant dough…just add peanut butter.



Well, let me just tell you, it was the worst Pinterest recipe I have ever encountered. Generally recipes on Pinterest are run through some semblance of trial and error by whoever posted it. I suppose this woman was too busy or whatever to be kind enough to actually try out her horrid recipe before sharing it with the world.

Our triangles looked nothing like these.

Our triangles looked nothing like these.

As I unrolled the blob of biscuit dough and attempted to roll it out into small triangles it became more and more non-pliable. After a  solid 30 mins we finally got the dough flat enough to be able to spread the Nutella and peanut butter. It was however almost impossible to then roll them into the cute little croissants they were suppose to be. Ours looked nothing like the pretty photo.



images (12)

Our little croissants looked nothing like once we rolled them up. But I suppose this is the correct way to do it.

But with a little dilligence, elbow grease and lots of strange faces at our impending failure we finally did it. The recipe instructed us to bake them at 350 degrees F for 8-12 minutes. We followed those shitty instructions and 8-12 minutes later we had shitty little peanut butter and Nutella filled croissants. Yay!

Of course they were not usable at all…slightly burnt and incredible ugly in appearance we had no other choice but to toss them to the trash. Lesson of the day: Pinterest can be a Poopy pickle!

Good luck next time!

❤ Cassandra

Whats going on with online dating?


I believe in love and the hurdles you have to jump through to be open to actually let love in. I know and understand that for many people there are many important things in life that become a main priority well before a long-lasting love life and/or dating. College, work and sometimes kids often require our entire attention and many years of self-less dedication before we can make room for yet another person to give ourself to.

There are also so many circumstances in which people find themselves without their original mate, whether from a sudden death or divorce, there are always reasons that people of all types from all walks of life and at different ages find themselves ready to look for love in a very specific way. And, often simply going out to a bar or lounge will not give forth the wanted results in regards to finding decent datable people.

Enter the internet dating scene. What exactly is going on there? It seems to be quite different from I remember and altered in super specific ways these days. I truly believe it is definitely not for everyone but certainly perfect for others.

I have friends who always seem to either attract or date the “wrong guy” and other friends who seem to only hook up with the “crazies” and the “stalkers”, and bars and clubs aren’t always going to be where you find your soul mate. Sometimes they can be though, I did! I was a renegade and pretended I didn’t have a light for my cigarette and then schwooped in and got Red’s attention. Long story short, now we are engaged.. hehe  but I will tell you guys the story of Red and I one day soon. It’s awesome. 🙂

Anyhow, what are the options for my generation and those responsible singles who are perhaps older or more religious or who farm for a living? Where can they go to search for love? Well here it is, I’ve reviewed some date sites, based mostly on the commercials I have seen about them. Here are just a few of the great dating websites out there on a spectrum that is fairly broad. It shall be fun nevertheless. Probably.


1. FARMERSONLY.com is a fabulous dating site for animal lovers and rural daters. They boast of local farmers, cowboys and country gals in your area. Fun! So…based on the commercial their primary demographic are extremely lonely 50 somethings who have spent so much of their 50 something years isolated from any populated area that cowboy boots and overalls are the foundation of their wardrobes. How exciting…to be able to go to a dating website and troll through potential life mates who love to till soil much as you.

jesus fish pi

2. Feeling like there are just way too many heathens out there on the dating scene? Been seeing the devil horns on women’s heads for no reason at your local watering hole? Fear not! Thou shalt find love on CHRISTIANMINGLE.com. A fabulous dating platform for those of you who are looking for others who make their religion and their holiness a priority in your life instead of going out and philandering and living in o-riginal sin. All the people in the commercial are married and young-ish and actually seem happy. I don’t believe they are actors so that’s a good thing. Enjoy! However this site doesn’t seem to be for the faint of heart. You better have the where-with-all and your copy of your holy scripture to get you through the process. Good luck!


3. ASIANMEET.com The commercial for this site explicitly says your dates will actually be living on the continent of Asia. They tell of a fairy love story between you ( in America) and your Asian beauty “just waiting” for you to find her. That among several other aspects of this site’s commercial lead me to honestly believe that this is something akin to mail order brides. But in their defense they never say that’s what it actually is. However, to each their own as they say. Or whatever the saying is. I also am 80 % sure this site is for men only, as there seem to be no Asian men in the commercial to actually date just women. Not fully sure though. Looking for the perfect trans-continental “dating” experience” of an Asian nature? Go H.A.M. !

black person cartoon

4. BLACKPEOPLEMEET.com  So as someone who is in a bi-racial relationship my first response to this commercial was “Well can everyone sign up, no matter their own race so that they can date a black person?” But I soon realized after seeing this commercial like 50 times one night when I couldn’t sleep, that it’s just a site where there is  a concentration of successful black professionals who are not under arrest nor wanted by the law, looking for an equally dedicated human to love. So I was happy about that.  However the commercial honestly suggest that the people who would be interested in this dating website have been strolling through life, perhaps at the library or the supermarket and literally have been so busy and soooo productive that they have been literally walking right by your potential life partners. I didn’t make this up. It’s in the commercial. Anyhow, have fun with this one as I believe all people are welcome on this site so long as you are looking for an awesome black person to meet. Also everyone in the commercial, unlike the others, is super attractive and in great shape. 🙂

Well if there was such a thing, that wraps up today’s edition of ” What is going on in internet dating?” hehehe

Some love quotes to inspire you to find some love of your own

“The course of true love never did run smooth” – William Shakespeare

“Letting love prosper is hardest for those who love the hardest.” – Some guy on the subway at 3 am coming home from a party many years ago in NYC.




Public Service Annoucement: “Side face kissing”

Cartoon by: Jeff Thomas

Cartoon by: Jeff Thomas

So I don’t know the reasoning behind all this side face kissing in this country, but this is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT to inform the community of the hazards of side face kissing, inappropriate hugging and other overly friendly greetings. In no way whatsoever is it okay to walk through life greeting mere acquaintances or worse, strangers with your actual face, mouth or lower body appendages.

1. When in a group and your choosing to be apart of a  community gathering, why don’t you also choose to display some manners. Don’t kiss me on my cheek, “friend of my boyfriends cousin” or whoever you are, whom I’m meeting for the first time. I’m unaware  of your prior mouth history and your unaware of the sensitivity levels of my skin therefore keep it clean and shake my hand. Thanks!

2. A polite nod is indeed acceptable when saying goodbye if I can’t physically get close enough to hug you goodbye. Feel free to even use one of the two hands you were born with and maybe wave goodbye. I won’t be offended that we couldn’t hug it out upon your exit. If for some reason you are hand-less then this doesn’t apply to you of course.

3. Ladies of the universe, I’m not sure how you feel about this, though it hardly matters but in no way whatsoever is it allowed or okay for you to greet my man with a full body hug. Not including close friends and family I suppose, in which case you will get a pass. However, even if your boobies are small, you’re an inadvertently clumsy hugger or you simply have never been told, you keep your whole self a decent 2-3 feet away from my man’s body at all times during a hello hug.

The above isn’t a jealousy thing everyone. It’s gross and weird and straight up inappropriate in my book. To avoid dirty looks from me for the rest of the day, try the hand shaking thing. Also, if you were born and raised in some part of the world where face kissing is normal than I suppose you are exempt…I am specifically talking to all the other folks out there who neither learned nor realize that a hug need not last for a full 7 minutes long.

4. No touching Men’s face/beard area!Never under any circumstances are you to side face kiss, smooch sound kiss or touch my man or any man other than your owns face. Being drunk isn’t really an excuse for touching on his beard and face. I get it, that fire beard is like the sun, you know you shouldn’t stare too long for fear of retinal damage but it’s so beautiful and awe-inspiring you can’t help yourself  and sometimes you’ll catch some dumb ass people who do it anyways. A polite evil eye stare from me might turn into more vicious words that may hurt your feelings. For public safety reasons let’s try to avoid this at all costs. 🙂

The reason I even mention the above is because I have noticed that women in particular seem to have no qualms about touching a mans face or beard, but if it were reversed and men casually touched the faces or hair of women they didn’t really know the cops would get called.

5.  Personal hygiene care. Carry portable hand sanitizer on your person at all times, in the event of a potential hand shake greeting, apply sanitizer to hands immediately after, rubbing vigorously until it has evaporated. This is just a good one to help keep us all safe from all this side face kissing, hand shaking and close hugging that we all seem to need to do several times in one outing.

6.  Hair touching! For no reason and under no circumstances are you to reach in the direction of my fabulously salon like flowing tresses to alert me to the fact that you like my hair, the volume, texture or color. This is a good way to ensure one or more broken fingers, which might result in substantial medical bills, which in turn will be horrible for you if you are poorly insured or lack health insurance all together. You then might have to put down a fake name in the ER since you don’t have insurance and that’s bad for our economy. So save the tax payers the hassle of having to pay for your medical bills because you had to run out on them, all because you felt like it was smart to touch my hair. This has happened to me more than you would expect btw. I too have seen a fabulous head of wonderful curls that mesmerized me for a moment. I have not and will now however ever actually touch a strangers actual head where their actual hair is because well….it’s pretty creepy. If we are not lovers then why do you feel the need to run your fingers through anyone’s hair?

7. For the safety and health of the community including those who are elderly, the infirm and those with poor immune systems but mostly for those who suffer from a lack of patience and the inability to deal with obscene tom-foolery, let’s follow the rules and guidelines for appropriate greetings, goodbyes and general body space awareness.

This has been a public service announcement!


How to be a wino!


street winos

Websters Dictionary defines Wino as a – noun, informal, a person who drinks excessive amounts of cheap wine or other alcohol, especially one who is homeless.

The Urban Dictionary defines Wino as – someone who props up walls in the street, drinking an unidentifiable drink ( it needn’t be wine, could also be special brew, spirits, buckfast or light beer) out of a paper bag whilst swearing incoherently and dribbling.

Well…..I am here to inform you that it need not be the case. It no longer requires strolling through the city under passes enjoying you spirit of choice in brown paper bags. No sir. So the dictionary and thus society says you must be homeless? But why? I can assure you there is a new brand of wino emerging in the community. And I have seen them, I have drunk with them and observed them in what has now been determined to be their natural habitat.

You may be surprised to know I found an entire group of what seemed to be well versed winos, all middle-aged, middle-upper class, well dressed and recently showered folks jamming out to a folk/bluegrass band in none other than a wine bar. That’s right. It was a dim-lit and small rustic styled establishment boasting 20$ glasses of Grenache, hand made barstools made from spruce pine and cocktail tables crafted from salvaged wood by a local craftsman. I can assure you there was no dribbling or paper bags in sight.

It happened early in the evening while leaving the Lexington Ave Brewery. It was a beautifully February day downtown. After two pitchers of “Wave Grain” pale ale, a plate of fancy cheeses and another plate of wonderfully baked blueberry shortbread that was to die for ( we attempted to purchase a 1/2 pound of the shortbread but couldn’t do so due to short supply or something) we found ourselves strolling in the fresh air up a small hill towards this sound. A sound I originally thought was a Ron Burgundy style jazz flute player. It turned out to be a 3 man folk/bluegrass band consisting of a mandolin player, a singer/electric fiddle player named Meade (so awesome!) and a guy on the acoustic guitar. And they bedazzled us in their urban overalls, Nike sneakers and fresh pressed corduroy blazers. It was fantastical!

They played as though no one was listening and as I sipped my glass of Malbec, I was entranced. As was every other person packed in the small space. All slapping away at their knees or tapping a finger on the hand carved wooden tables perfectly buffed and shined. The patrons were a wonderful amalgamation of long-haired 30 somethings just arriving from yoga class and bearded 40 somethings holding their ladies tight in their arms and neatly eating their goat cheese plate. Even better than that was the 50 somethings that had posted up in the corner adjacent to the band playing a friendly game of Rummy over white wine and great music. They even invited our friend to play with them. It was warm and welcoming and the wine kept a flowing.

Reba Macintire was in attendance, or at least her doppelgänger was and I caught a glimpse of a 60-year-old cowboy jiving out like there was no tomorrow.

The wine bar we were at was 5 Walnut and the band was “The Honey Chasers”.

Wanna start down the path of Wino living? Well here are some guidelines to get you started.


A true wino, after enjoying several of glasses of wine that basically add up to an entire bottle, puts cash in the bands tip jar at the end of their set and then proceeds to offer an invitation for drinks at the local dive bar down the road.

Always order wine or an old school cocktail, never order anything with the word “breeze” in it or a “sex on the beach” or you will immediately be asked to leave the Wino facilities.

However never be afraid to enjoy your brew of choice as a good wino bar will almost certainly have great beer options for those out there who prefer that. Apparently beer isn’t frowned upon with this group. 🙂

winos13Always remember Do Not, under any circumstances drink malt liquor of any kind, that doesn’t make you a wino it makes you a fucking hobo. Don’t ask for malt liquor or other spirits that are equally as tacky. They won’t have them anyways.

Enjoy said drinks while listening to live music the likes of folk, flamenco, jazz/exotica, rhumba and of course my favorite, gypsy jazz.

All in all there is a new movement of wino happening, one made up of actual grown ups who shower and jam out to cool jazzy like music while enjoying what most would consider over priced drinks. They are a fabulous bunch that seem rare but are growing in numbers continuously. Sip and enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed this very informative life lesson.

❤ Cassandra



We are our mothers. A poem.

This is a poem I wrote for the month of January…A little something to get my year started right, and an attempt at addressing those feelings of contempt at being compared to your mother. Well it took me a super long time, most of my 20’s, in fact to understand and embrace that no matter who or what your mother was I believe as women we take away the best of them. I think that’s just how it goes. I know that I am the very best parts of my mother. And stepping into and wrapping up the first year of my 30’s I am glad that is what I got from that long decade we call our 20’s.  🙂 . Hope you enjoy. – Cassandra



Peace is not easy to come by,

my uneasy, unsettled soul

you’ve made it whole.


Your just like your mother!

To that, I once would have cringed.

but now, I take pride in becoming un-hinged.

Your right, of course, I have so many of her parts,

the good, the bad….. and most of all her heart.


On her worst day…. she was more, than half the living world is now

and on my best day, I still couldn’t figure out how.


It felt like people would stand in line to just see her breath,

and witness the love magic that she could weave.


I wait for her, her silent smile and quiet nod, I tell myself,

because I see her everyday…in every raindrop and in every way.


It rained on the day of my birth,

it has every year since my first,

guided by a love far away,

or at least, that is what they say.


Like a diamond in the rough, have you seen one?

It’s forged by pressure and conditions so extreme…..

no other shines like it,

if you would bother to polish it, I mean!


Like a lion in the wild, that will not and can not be tamed,

believe me….she was appropriately named!

I am fearless, like she insisted I be,

and never afraid to be scared as only she could foresee.


I am just like her, I have all of her crazy,

but without it, to love me would be all too hazey,

and only at my worst can you truly love me,  for all that I am, for all that I’ll be.


She was amazing to see, she was quite a sight to behold,

I’m everything she said I’d be and everything she foretold….

I’m just like my mother, fearless…..and bold.


I survive where others can not.

My flaws make me better than the lot.


I’ll never stop, I’ll never quit, how does that sound?

Truly doesn’t matter since I don’t need you to come around.

my mom

 ❤ Cassandra