A movie without a script ( A very short movie)



So today’s story begins as a great tale. I was in the kitchen with my cousin Jeremy who himself is a fabulous writer. His style  of writing is something I would describe as satirical and wordy ( in a good way ). He has a wonderful way of jazzing up words that are otherwise bland and generally unremarkable. Any who somehow I managed to go into a hysterical tangent about a 90’s- ish Vand Damme like love story. We were roaring in laughter at the absurdity of where the story began to go.

He is a passenger on a flight that is seemingly going well and then all of a sudden three mysterious hijackers attempt to hijack the plane. Our hero, reaches for a fire extinguisher aboard the plane to bash in the head of one of the assailants. They wrestle for a lot of moments that seem to be going in slow motion. He inevitably winds up taking a nasty blow to the head where he is then rendered unconscious. The plane winds up crashing into the pacific but miraculously several of the passengers are saved. I am not sure which other passengers are worthy of surviving but I digress. He winds up at a hospital or a rehabilitation center of some kind on the island of Guam. Which is an American territory, so the medical treatment is up to par. The trauma he is facing is mostly emotional, and a small fear of flying is beginning to set in. Oh I forgot to mention that one of the hijackers was also a crazy drug lord trying to gain international infamy. Somehow he survived too but he doesn’t make another appearance for a while.

So on the island of Guam Jeremy is nursed back to health by a woman who is haunted by her own demons. She is extremely jaded and bitter from some previous life  experiences that are still unknown at this time. I think she might have suffered through a povertized childhood riddled with negligent parents and an over bearing drug lord sibling. She is un-trusting of most humans but men in particular. They immediately form a strong bond over the next few months of recovery only to discover a strong love between one another. Her secrets however are soon to catch up with them.

Our hero decides to stay on the island and marry his mysterious love but before the ceremony can take place he finds out, somehow, that the drug lord who attempted to hijack the plane has survived and is out for revenge. His troubles are increased exponentially when he realizes his future bride is the sister of said drug lord. OH no!

To be continued…..

After the long tirade into these very fictional characters that were created on the spot I realized there would need to be a sequel, of course. In true Van Damme style we can not have a movie without some karate or other form of martial arts so perhaps our main character will have practiced the lost art of tai chi or something. We also realized that I would be the worlds worst movie writer, so of course, I decided to write it down despite the lack of substance.

Hope you enjoyed part 1. Stay tuned 🙂



2 thoughts on “A movie without a script ( A very short movie)

  1. This is cool! Can’t wait for part 2!

    hi, just dropping by to say hello and thanks to replying to my comment on that blogging101 post 🙂 followed back because your blog is interesting hehe. To new acquaintances!


    • 🙂 yay! To new aquaintances! And thank you for taking a look at my blog. I have lots of stuff to do I have been so behind lately . hehe Part 2 soon to come. 🙂


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