Zero to Hero: Day 3- A penny for your thoughts


Day three’s assignment took me for a loop. I couldn’t think for the life of me what post was on my mind when I decided to start a blog, so it literally took me a full day to have the courage to write something and I was almost certain I was going to have to skip this one. However after sitting down and asking my boyfriend if he remembered (since he was there) and with the right amount of java with a spoonful of honey in it and a goods nights rest I awoke with the words in my mind’s eye. So here it goes.


I didn’t actually have one idea, as per usual, ( said with a giant grin on my face, as I have already begun thinking of a billion other things) but I had several ideas about this children’s book I had decided to write with my boyfriend. It’s super funny, I think, and mainly based on food, because we love to eat! Anyhow, So many of the ideas for that were often jotted down on a pad of paper sitting next to my nightstand in the middle of the night or a napkin. When I went back to review some of the ideas for this one book I realized I wound up writing about  everything that had nothing to do with this children’s book but all the little ideas I often have thought of writing about but wondered “Who would want to hear all this quirky, crazy stuff about whiskey and cows?” …. and so my blog was immediately born.

Now I had thought of blogging before as I am an avid recorder of all of my thoughts but I definitely didn’t have the courage to do so until I realized I was stronger and braver than I knew. I was sitting and jotting down real ideas for an actual book that I have every intention of getting published one day. So why not blog, with a community of people, become a better writer and get to express all the other kooky ideas in my brain too?

There it is, Day 3. I am always surprised when I have decided I am already defeated in a fight where I don’t realize I am already the victor. It’s called writing. ❤ word press. Thanks for day 3.


6 thoughts on “Zero to Hero: Day 3- A penny for your thoughts

  1. Your inspiration to blog is pretty darn cool. And trust me, there is a number of people who’d love to hear all about whiskey and cows. At the same time. Separately. Maybe even sequentially. The world’s a big place!

    Keep rocking it on your Zero to Hero journey!


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