Zero to hero- day 16 -Daily prompt (Ring of fire)





Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

Today’s daily prompt made me laugh out loud, thank you day 16 for creating an outlet for me write about my endless heart burn. I love love love, spicy food but in a different way than most real lovers of spicy food love it. I like to be able to enjoy the flavor of whatever food it is I am eating without my tonsils catching aflame whilst I eat. So that might actually mean I like mildly spicy food. The point is nothing is yummier than a fabulous rice dish or even your favorite fried fish with a little kick to it.

I never fear what tomorrow might bring because the gripping pain of acid jumping up and down my esophagus is always closer than I think and rears its ugly head almost before the food is ever able to digest.

Upon thinking about today’s daily prompt as to whether I try to avoid spicy foods because of the physical turmoil they bring on almost immediately, I realized I don’t even bat an eyelash at that burrito with re-fried beans or the white castle burger I definitely shouldn’t be eating.  I’ll go ahead and eat it knowing full well the repercussions. It’s almost always is worth it especially if it is something I haven’t had in a while.

Last night’s dinner 🙂

Last night I enjoyed chicken cutlets, battered in this amazing concoction of spices that my older cousin Julian made. He then fried them and to go with it we had a medley of mixed veggies and this wonderfully yellow Spanish rice, the kind that would be perfect for a paella dish. Yummy!

My favorite part of spicy foods that I love is when I do indeed get heartburn that prevents me from sleeping my boyfriend will heat me up some milk on the stove and add vanilla, slowly stirring it until it’s the perfect temperature. It’s a wonderful remedy and tastes kind of like ice cream. 🙂



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