Daily Prompt: Dream Teacher

teachers desk



You can choose any person from history to teach you any topic you want. Who’s your teacher, and what do they teach you?

Of all the many people throughout history to choose from I would probably choose Gandhi. What sucks is that there are so  many others I would want to teach me as well. I wish the question was ” If you had a full day at school and could have a different person from history teach you each period of school who would it be?” hehehe So I decided I am going to go with that because there are simply too many awesome people to only pick one. I’m sure that says something about my personality that I refuse to follow the actual directions for this prompt. 🙂

So my first day at school and first period I have Math class, and my teacher, Albert Einstein hates when your late. I chose him for the very not so obvious reasons. I think if Einstein were my math teacher it would be an incredible morning every morning of class. As it is common knowledge he failed math, I would be early to class every day just to see what quirkiness and knowledge he put forth.

Second period I have History class and am often trying to grab a coffee right before so I am often late and my teacher Ms. Margaret Thatcher (first female prime minister of england) always raises an eyebrow at me when I stroll into class. I think she would be the best history teacher for a few reasons. Mostly because I think it would be fair to say she would teach a very well-balanced world history curriculum but also because women throughout history have been super underrated when it comes to the ruling of a nation.

Third period I have English and for this class I choose Mr. William Shakespeare himself because after all who knows the english language better, and just imagine how fun and animated class would be.

Fourth period I have lunch, where of course no teacher is required but it;s just my luck that in my school our lunch lady happens to be the fabulous Julia Childs. Bon Apetite! Enough said.

Now, because I am a senior I only have five classes because I have finished most of my academic requirements and my final and fifth class is Language for which I study French. My teacher is Napoleon Bonaparte. You can imagine this is a tedious and hardcore class where I am excited everyday when it’s over. But how weird and funny would it be to have Napoleon teaching the language of French of all things? lol It made me laugh when I thought of it.

I almost forgot Gandhi would be my guidance counselor. 🙂

That’s my full day of higher learning with people from history if I could choose who my teachers were. Needless to say it would be an interesting day at school everyday and the very least I would learn to think outside the box in every aspect of life.




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