You are what you eat.



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So I learned early in my twenties that you almost certainly will look like crap on the outside when your older if you don’t show your insides some love when your younger. It’s really that simple, in most cases. Everyone is familiar with the phrase “you are what you eat”  which is pretty cheesy but holds true, I think. Now, if your one of those people who never visits the doctor ever, like not even once a year for a checkup and you don’t keep up with your heart rate and weight fluctuations and blood pressure then you may not ever notice the differences but if you at least bother to get a yearly checkup than you probably have some kind of an idea how you are health wise. Or maybe you are just one of those people who knows their body well.

Genetics play a role in everything as well. However your skin and your body over time are usually a reflection of how you have treated them. If you have spent your whole life active in some way, it is usually apparent even as you age.  I don’t think you need to read every health book or know every single vitamin in every vegetable or food to make smart choices for later, but it’s simpler than you think to be in the know about whats good for you and follow your own body’s needs.

For example, water is probably the most essential thing we need to survive. Before you even delve into the nooks and cranny’s of healthy eating how about healthy drinking. (Feel free to insert the necessary adult beverage quip) 🙂 If you didn’t  know, water helps keep us balanced, in the bathroom hehe gross but so true, it helps with digestion and purifies us from the inside out.  It’s great for your skin.  It is a better substitute for every other drink in that it has zero calories or additives, it helps with circulation, absorption, transportation of nutrients and more. Isn’t that enough to just drink plenty of water? 🙂 I would say yes. Yes! And if your one of those people who hate drinking water because it “tastes” nasty well then add one of those non calorie squirt syrup things I keep seeing on television. You can also do what I do with all of my juices. I drink them half juice and half water. I do it so that my juice isn’t too acidic.

Activity. What does that mean? Well simply put there needs to be some type of physical activity in your life when your young enough to do it. Because although they say it is never too late, and I believe that, all the benefits you will receive from a little cardio or exercise or yoga earlier in life will do more for you later than if you decide to start exercising when your old.  That’s not to discourage anyone from exercise. It’s good for everyone at any age. 🙂 So walk around the block or stretch those arms into the sky during a spin class… hehe spinning is super hard but awesome and great for you. Feel free to begin slightly slower if exercise is new to you and perhaps check with your primary physician if your unclear about an exercise regimen that’s good for you. I am one of those people who love exercise and some are not like that but it wouldn’t kill you to take the stairs once in a while.

Food. These are my thoughts on food and all are welcome to disagree. However let’s face some truths… green stuff is good for you, and protein and vitamins etc.  A good balance of all that good stuff is great too. However you get your protein or vitamins is fine, just get them into your system. I am not a nutritionist in any sense of the word however when I truly listen to my body, do research of my own and follow some guidelines put forth by more knowledgable medical and nutritional professionals I always can feel when I am off course food wise and when I am putting good healthy things into my body. For example I know people who actually barely eat vegetables once a month. Like seriously, your asking for some kind of heart disease or something. I know people who actually never consume the foods that contain the vitamins we need to sustain us for a longer healthier life. Like, why live to be 56 and die of a heart attack when you can maybe live to be 86 and maybe skip the left arm pain. Just saying.

At the end of the day you must do what is best for your budget and time and overall life style. However being aware of what actually works for you is what my point is.   Balance is what we all need to find is what matters the most and be happy physically and emotionally. Food plays a huge role in how we physically feel and our physical state affects our minds which in turn can affect the soul. Ever see a person who eats terribly all the time and then watch them run for the bus, they are out of breath in 30 seconds and panting the entire bus ride. Unless you have emphysema or are 89 this shouldn’t be the case.

My personal daily routine:

I love to run but sometimes get a bit lazy with it during the colder weather but I do zumba during that time a few times a week to get my heart rate going and for the amazing cardio. Also zumba is one of my favorite forms of exercise mostly because you get to jump and dance around for an hour to Beyoncé and J. Lo songs …what is more fun than that. Plus you can’t really do it wrong, if you feel self-conscious about taking a class, they have senior classes at most gyms and you’ll be the best one if you go to one of those. 🙂 Or you can do weird exercises in the privacy of your own home. Always an option.

I try to eat a small bite of food in the A.M. even when I don’t want to. Coffee and a cigarette are my dream breakfast in all honesty but I get more work done and am much more productive throughout my work day if I have an orange and some toast or a muffin.

Getting your vitamins through supplements is fine but it’s always better from the original source. So I try to eat fruit and leafy greens and vegetables all week-long. And I always notice a sluggish headache like feeling during the weeks when I am more lax about getting my veggies in my system.


Yoga is my preferred exercise in terms of doing it regularly and actually gaining benefits from it. It allows me to stretch everyday, it builds muscle and core strength over time. It doesn’t actually require a lot of your time, you can squeeze in 30 min yoga sessions from your living room. I sometimes even do yoga that I have on my Xbox fitness app.

Oh and lastly, I don’t do this every single day but I do it at least 3 times a week, especially if I’ve gone for a run. I do 20 push ups and 50 crunches or so and either a set or two of lunges or some type of squats to keep my bum toned and tight. This may not sound like anything that would make a difference physically but I assure you it does. I have figured out over the years that weighing about 105 lbs at 5′ 1″ all my body requires to stay toned is just a very minimal amount of these types of exercises. Now I have exercised my whole life so my muscles and body are used to being in shape and don’t require extreme amounts of reps to stay that way. But everyone is different and that is the part you have to figure out for yourself.

Hope this is helpful or at the very least inspiring to one person. yay!


Sidenote: It should be noted that the above photo is not me but I aspire to be able to do such poses one day. This picture is courtesy of the internet. 🙂


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