A bunch of cool crap to do with Lavender Essential Oil!

lavender aromatherapy

As apparently the most widely used essential oil in the world and my favorite scent in the whole universe since my early 20’s, I figured I’d share some of the fabulously beneficial properties of lavender essential oil and some of the great ways to transform yourself inside and out in your in the mood. Almost every single product I use is has this oil and aroma in it. Plus, there are some crazy awesome medicinal and over all physical benefits and fun tidbits that I knew nothing about until recently. Here we go!

lavender 2Walk Like an Egyptian!

This wonderful oil was used over 2,500 years ago for religious purposes by one of my favorite peoples, the ancient Egyptians, during the mummification process (seriously) and as a perfume. So Cleopatra and all her chicks were probably not only rocking fierce eye liner but they smelled really nice too.

Useful in all kinds of situations!

Lavender essential oil reduces stress and anxiety greatly. People are always reaching for a smoke (me) when their under duress or going through extreme agitation. Grab your lavender oil instead folks!

You can put a few droplets into a spray bottle filled with water and spray on sheets, pillows and towels or in your bath water before bed to relax. ( this actually works)

-Get into a mean altercation with your neighbor and come out wounded with a burnt arm? Well fear not because lavender essential oil helps heal burns and wounds. So don’t use butter  or ice or whatever your grandmother told you to use that time you burnt your neck with the curling iron.

It also soothes eczema and psoriasis. Which is always good I suppose if you have eczema or psoriasis, which I hear are fairly unpleasant diseases.

It alleviates headaches, which is probably most applicable to New Yorkers or any other persons living in or around an over crowded metropolis with lots of noise and strange beggars on many a corner.


lavender field

Medicinal Miracles!

Lavender essential oil slows aging significantly ( gasp) due to powerful anti-oxidants.

So powerful are the effects of this oil, it actually helps your body produce 3 of it’s most powerful anti-oxidants (within 22 hours of use). Why is that important? Well…the very obvious reason, to fight all those fanatical free-radicals ( they cause cancer and stuff) we as intelligent humans ingest from toxins and chemicals in our processed foods and pollutants we have put into the air. Which are abundant and running rampant.

Lavender essential oil balances blood sugar (who knew). And with so many people in the country on the verge of diabetes and/or coronary blockage, you should share this fun fact with a friend. Your welcome.

There is actually a very long list of the internal benefits, in regards to people suffering specifically with diabetes, and how it works. The list of information on this particular topic, clinical trials and scientific application for diabetes sufferers is indeed so long I would suggest googling it or ask your primary care physician…when’s the last time you saw him. (wink wink)

Other uses!

-You can repel insects. And if they are smart and do bite you, you can apply it to bug bites.

-You can freshen laundry or the stale air in your home.

-Apply to chap lips. ( I actually put it in a bottle of really good olive oil and use it as a body moisturizer and

-It stops bleeding. (not if you have been in a bad accident or anything where you are gushing a lot blood or anything, you call emergency services in that event. Do not yell to someone to grab your lavender essential oil in the event of heavy bleeding. 🙂 )

-It’s anti-microbial and super soothing and has rapid healing properties when mixed with coconut oil or aloe. 10 drops per ounce of aloe or coconut oil will heal your horrid sun burn you just got at the beach when you pretended you were sick to your boss on the phone this morning. You’re welcome.

-Helps with motion sickness and nausea.

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Oh yeah, I found this on pinterest, so it’s pretty awesome. I am addicted to perfecting my lash game at all times..so I will be trying this tip ( to the left) and I’ll let you know how it goes..


Hope this was informative in some way…. tune in next time.