Dude Dinners:Meatsauce and Noodles

Dude dinners:


For movie night, I paired Red’s  spaghetti meatsauce with a sprinkle of cheese and some red wine. Say it with me now… Mmm yummy!  🙂 

Happy Autumn and welcome to Dude Dinners this evening. This concoction is a simple spaghetti and meat sauce Red threw together one evening.   The entire week was spent avoiding the grocery store and inevitably wound up ordering out twice that week,so we were down to no like, no food. 🙂 Fear Not! The Red Lion himself is here. He’s got a fiery sense of charisma about him, I always say. Adds to the flavor of the food. 

To quote chef August Gustave (from the hit pixar film Ratatouille) “Anyone can cook!”).  And yet,  I am surprised at how many unmarried 30 something year old men seem to not be able to actually accomplish such an easy feat. Meaning unable to produce and edible meal. Well then,  this is for you. You dudes out there need to realize that a man who can make a woman a delicious meal that’s relaistic and not over complicated is more than likely a keeper.

The ingredients:

1 box of angel hair pasta

1 large jar of chunky vegetable marinara sauce

garlic( fresh or minced in a jar)

ground meat ( we had ground sirloin ) (ground turkey is yummy too)

Salt, pepper, butter, onions and whatever else you might have and just feel like throwing in.

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Bring your water to a boil ( follow instructions on the box) then add your pasta. Srain pasta and set aside. Also set aside a cup of your pasta water.

Step two: Add your ground meat to your fry pan and cook on medium heat until all the meat is begining to brown nicely. Don’t drain the meat at all. Add your minced garlic, salt and pepper and continue to cook a min or so more.

Step 3: add a big cooking spoons worth of pasta water, stir. Cook for a another minute or so.

Step 4:  Add your jar of whatever kind of marinara sauce you have, (in this case Red used chunky vegetable marinara), to the meat in the pan

Sidenote: Adding pasta h20 to your sauce does something really cool that a professional chef could explain better than I. however Red says “It makes it Pasta-y and moist, like when you get it in a restaurant.” It’s really good, give a try and you be the judge.

Well that’s it. Let’s start the winter off on a yummy note eh? 

Coming soon: Keep an eye out for some good random rants here soon, we are back in Jersey! #spaghettilife 😉