Welcome back!


Greetings and Salutations good folk !

Welcome back to ” A cup of Noodle Soup” , life’s journey with a 30 – something year old. I’m returned from a glamorous writing hiatus. More specifically I’m returned from an entire year of extreme writers block combined with a malfunctioning computer. Nevertheless, I intend to re-peak interests and continue to explore life’s bounty of awesome-ness and sometimes not so awesome-ness…through fantastic food, yoga, booze, dude-stuff, random rants, adult-lazing and more!

My handsome fiance, Red will also be returning with even more bearded mountain man mayhem on the grill and in the kitchen. There will be an exciting new section vaguely named “Sandwiches and such“. It will be a loose and often giggly, sometimes buzzed chronicling of the Red Roar himself doing what he does… make magic happen.:-)

Something else thats cool, I will be using more of my own pics and videos . I’ve downloaded tons of useful apps and widget things to assist me in this endeavor. I only mention it because I’m not very tech savy and often am just slightly behind on the new flavorful words inducted into the urban dictionary. Most electronic devices find my very presence offensive and literally function of their own accord.    🙂 So basically … yay me! I’m tip toeing my way into the 21st century.

The List of life’s best little joys to try and discover can be short or it can be long. The choice to make it so, IS OUR OWN. I hope you’re looking forward to it because I know I am.

Make love, food or anything else… Not war.

See you soon ❤ Cassandra

New articles coming October 1st 2016, here’s a sneak peek:

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