We are our mothers. A poem.

This is a poem I wrote for the month of January…A little something to get my year started right, and an attempt at addressing those feelings of contempt at being compared to your mother. Well it took me a super long time, most of my 20’s, in fact to understand and embrace that no matter who or what your mother was I believe as women we take away the best of them. I think that’s just how it goes. I know that I am the very best parts of my mother. And stepping into and wrapping up the first year of my 30’s I am glad that is what I got from that long decade we call our 20’s.  🙂 . Hope you enjoy. – Cassandra



Peace is not easy to come by,

my uneasy, unsettled soul

you’ve made it whole.


Your just like your mother!

To that, I once would have cringed.

but now, I take pride in becoming un-hinged.

Your right, of course, I have so many of her parts,

the good, the bad….. and most of all her heart.


On her worst day…. she was more, than half the living world is now

and on my best day, I still couldn’t figure out how.


It felt like people would stand in line to just see her breath,

and witness the love magic that she could weave.


I wait for her, her silent smile and quiet nod, I tell myself,

because I see her everyday…in every raindrop and in every way.


It rained on the day of my birth,

it has every year since my first,

guided by a love far away,

or at least, that is what they say.


Like a diamond in the rough, have you seen one?

It’s forged by pressure and conditions so extreme…..

no other shines like it,

if you would bother to polish it, I mean!


Like a lion in the wild, that will not and can not be tamed,

believe me….she was appropriately named!

I am fearless, like she insisted I be,

and never afraid to be scared as only she could foresee.


I am just like her, I have all of her crazy,

but without it, to love me would be all too hazey,

and only at my worst can you truly love me,  for all that I am, for all that I’ll be.


She was amazing to see, she was quite a sight to behold,

I’m everything she said I’d be and everything she foretold….

I’m just like my mother, fearless…..and bold.


I survive where others can not.

My flaws make me better than the lot.


I’ll never stop, I’ll never quit, how does that sound?

Truly doesn’t matter since I don’t need you to come around.

my mom

 ❤ Cassandra


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