Why…So…Serious? ( in my best Joker voice)


grumpy cat


So today’s rant is about how I think we need to just be more positive and stop complaining about things. Which is actually ironic as I am in fact complaining about the complainers. ūüôā Enjoy.

People in general, these days are too damn sensitive. Every glance or sound or mishap which is undoubtedly a mole hill in the beginning immediately becomes a mountain. I’m particularly talking about all you miserable middle-aged folks out there. Now….I understand that in this country it’s fairly regular, normal even for middle-aged people, despite their status , lives, job or lack there of to just be fucking miserable because they have the right to. I feel like it ultimately winds up being directed more toward strangers in the end, not exactly sure why but there are a lot of angry ass strangers walking the streets giving each other the evil eye for no apparent reason. And it’s the bald middle age ones that seem to be the worst. Like if you have a decent job, pay your bills take care of your kids, why are you still so damn mad? So what if you teenage daughter Becky hates you and your wife spends too much of your money, teens hate everyone and well your wife probably deserves to spend your money . ¬†Better yet, don’t get married or have kids if later on in life it’s just going to make you a mope-y piece of shit. I’m just saying. How is it that these people, with all that may be going on in their lives find the actual time and energy to be constantly grumpy or snappy at the mere sound of a baby crying in a public space. Or instantaneously irate because the guy in front of them at the red light didn’t pull a “fast and the furious” move when the light turned green…. 3 seconds ago?

First of all there are tons of reasons to simply be excited to be alive and live where we live. We live in a country where you can legally parade around with your tits hanging out on the streets of NYC (that is a fact by the way), be a lesbian loving vegan and owe Sally Mae more money for your student loans than your parents house is worth and still be allowed to somehow defer said loan for years on end. ¬†We live in a country where the internet and cable tv is easily accessible to nearly every single person living here, legally or not. A country where we can actually exercise freedom of speech without fear of a hanging. A place where people get days off of work for holidays like “Presidents week” Bye. Most adults and children in this country don’t even know nor could they ever even name the last ten presidents to sit in office but enjoy your week off from school and work.

Oh and I think only recently did I discover that one of my biggest pet peeves are angry ass, bitchy ass, sloppy ass, basic bitches. Like I am so sorry, but if your even a little sensitive to harsh words perhaps moving on to the next part of this article may be best. My issue is with women out there who you can’t do a single thing to please, can’t do anything right in their eyes and they are always asking for more. I am talking about those women who hold grudges, don’t believe in anything good and never let anything go.Get over it and keep it pushing.

The women out there who want to complain about “baby weight” for the next 5 years after giving birth, yup, you too. Go to the gym or do some Pilates or maybe try a sit-up or two. It’s called exercise. And I get it, a woman’s body is not so easily molded back into its original form after the pushing out of a 8 pound kid from your vagina but how about we either try to embrace our bodies for what they are instead of complaining about it or work on making it look how you prefer. I believe there is nothing is more beautiful than a mother, whatever her shape but whining about some extra love handles is obnoxious. And if your man or anyone else has a problem with it they are worthless too.

The people¬†who complain about being a mom or dad or harm their children as if being a parent isn’t a privilege, have mental instabilities. Like, there are plenty of other people who can’t have kids and would love yours if this is the case. If parenting, in all it’s glory, is so incredibly overwhelming you have other options!! Or better yet use a fucking condom if ¬†you aren’t ready to handle children. They are gift, not a reason to save a relationship or things to be ignored and neglected.

And No I don’t want to hear about the struggle of working and paying bills in every other facebook post you make, cause we all have to do that folks. Everyone out there is trying to make ends meet and for those who aren’t, who cares about them. Worry about yourself. So simple.

There are way too many angry ass people out there with this issue with love. Don’t be mad because your relationships have failed and your too tired and lazy to invest in love again. ¬†That’s not anyone’s fault, but your own. Cheer the fuck up. If you don’t like being hugged or touched, that’s ok but don’t complain about being unhappy, because guess what?….. YOU DON’T LIKE HUGS OR BEING TOUCHED!.A broken heart and spirit is part of the learning process of life you fools. And don’t then be mad at everyone else who is happy because they appreciate love, like affection from others, aren’t afraid to try again and who actually need human contact in their life.

Ever see those really young 20-something girls and boys who are angry? Like what do they have to be angry about? Cause your daddy won’t buy you a gold encrusted ipad case or because you’re an outcast and can’t find your way in the world? Either way, get over it, life is more than the small mishaps, troubles and problems that some young people seem to think will be the end of their very existence. It’s the crappy stuff that happens to us that helps make us stronger. And lots of us don’t have fathers or mothers so appreciate yours, whatever kind of person they are. Stop whining about your parents…..You only get one set so find whats good about them and appreciate that.

Just having the option to exercise the many possibilities in life in this country is enough to make me smile when I get up in the morning and should at least ease some of your inner misery too. Then there’s always the fact that whatever you think is going on with you, it could always be worse. And is in fact worse…. for like several hundreds of millions of other 3rd world goers. There are actual people who live in ¬†places of the world with no water and zero food. Children out there who mine diamonds for people like us in our country but have no place to sleep at night. There are people in the world who are literally suffering through actual genocide and famine and Ebola. Like seriously, imagine if you had to worry about the possibility of being infected by every single person in your village because of everyone is infected.

Not always of course, but most times you need to get over yourself, look at the bigger picture and appreciate what you do have. And if your one of those super douche-y, rainbows and happiness make me puke kind of people and happen to be reading this article then you are well on your way to betterment in this area and to that , I firmly congratulate you.


‚̧ Cassandra


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