Beer of the month: Green Man Esb Special Amber Ale, NC










I had the pleasure of discovering this North Carolina beer while actually visiting North Carolina. A friend of ours, Jake, whose knowledge and love of beautifully brewed beer rivals my own actually put me onto the Greenman and for that I am ever grateful. Brewed in Ashville, NC, the bottle and website explain it as an interpretation of a traditional English style beer. It’s got a blend of British malts and hops that tastes to me, really very nutty at first but had lasting caramel flavor after a few sips. I wouldn’t call this a ESB beer per se but more of an amazing dark amber ale. It’s not very hoppy as you might initially think but nevertheless worth a taste. It’s a beautiful medium amber color and has an ABV of  5.5%. It’s surprisingly fresh tasting and I genuinely loved every moment of this beer.

It’s one of those brews that perfect to crack open after you have a particularly hard day at work, had a super long late night and a bubble bath and some wine just will not do. That’s when you have a Green man.

A bit about the brewery

green man brewery

Greenman Brewery has been doing its thing since 1997 and is one of Ashville’s oldest breweries. Located in the awesome downtown area that I had the pleasure of strolling through on a beautiful 60 degree December day. They apparently intend on expanding in 2015, which will include a giant packaging hall some 18,000 square feet big, a retail store and an outdoor ale garden overlooking the mountains which can only be described by a better poet than myself or the picture below.

nc mtn

The mountains of North Carolina, near Ashville and the surrounding towns are honestly some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Its breathtaking.


They now craft seasonal brews and specialty brews alike, which is awesome for all you year round drinkers.

Interesting fun facts

In browsing their website and others I found an explanation for what exactly a “Green Man’ is, which I thought to be pretty interesting. It can be a sculpture, drawing or other representation of an actual mans face covered in green leaves making up his hair, ears and/or beard or any other part of the face. Branches can sprout from the nostrils or ears. The “Green Man” is also apparently a name in England for public houses as well. Who knew.

Some health stuff

  •  Green Man never adds corn syrup of any kind

  • They occasionally  add fruit, chocolate or brown sugars for speciality beers but it is always stated as such on the actual bottle or in the beers description.

  • They filter many of their brews but not extensively as the Green Man peeps believe their beer is much tastier this way and more unique as a result. On this I would have to concur.

  • Their hops and barley, though not organically grown, are chemical free, GMO free and additive free, which always a good thing!

Hope you enjoyed this months beer favorite because I sure as hell enjoyed tasting it, every time I tasted it.



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