Skinny women are “real women” too folks.

Real women?

I saw a segment on the news today about a new fb page and hashtag, titled #loveyourlines. Celebrating “real women” and women with curves and stretch marks. It’s a very beautiful concept to celebrate the many shapes and looks of the various types of women out there. I support women supporting women and propagating to our youth that everyone isn’t air brushed or super skinny like in magazines and on the runway. Not everyone is the size, shape and smoothness that society depicts as perfection. We are indeed all perfectly beautiful for this exact reason.

However what continuously bothers me is when these campaigns arise with labels and titles like “Real women”. It actually offends me slightly that these women who are large or curvy or have stretch marks decide to say “We are real women” totally disregarding those of us who are small, petite and thinly made by nature. We are real women as well folks. Throughout life as a very petite women I am often bombarded with “You don’t understand, your skinny.” or “You can eat whatever you want.”. As though all of life’s problems are solved by simply  being thin or small. As though myself and every other small person in the world don’t have their own plights in life.  A perfect example is the photo below. What is Dove trying to say?  Do they only want larger, curvier women using their soap or something? That the women on the bottom are actually the “real” women?  That they are actually “beautiful”? Aren’t all these women top and bottom beautiful for their own reasons. I think so. Let’s stop segregating quite so much Dove.


Here is a perfect example. I think all the women, above and below are beautiful and real.

It bothers me greatly because although I’m naturally really small I work really hard to be in shape and take care of my body, as I would certainly do even if I was a larger person. I’m not curvy but I probably tackle more clothing problems than bigger women.  In the Us the average woman wears a 12-14 dress size. You know how hard it is to find things in my own damn size? Stores carry lots of clothes in these sizes but only carry a few in mine. I have stretch marks too. And I too struggle with what is considered “beautiful” and “real”. If you are born with a set of ovaries then you are indeed a woman!. And despite these campaigns and attempts to unify women of all sizes and struggles, they are sometimes inadvertently leaving some of us out. Or at least that is how I feel. It should be said that the same goes for the many industries that only propagate tall anorexic looking women as the only real beauty too. Because skinny bitches are not the only ones out there who are fierce and fabulous. Just saying.

So… I guess what I am getting at is that my definition of a real woman is one who embraces her whole self no matter her size, shape or color. Period.

That’s my rant for the day.


Happy livin’

❤ Cassandra


2 thoughts on “Skinny women are “real women” too folks.

  1. I truly love this post. I get comments like that all the time. I’m skinny but it’s natural and am I not a real woman because I’m skinny? I still have stretch marks and things. I mean I understand that they’re trying to make all women feel better but being skinny can be natural too!
    Ps. is this a recent dove ad? I’m looking for a perfume ad or makeup ad that’s recent for my media Psych project and I think this would be a great one to use.

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    • hey, thanks for reading it and I glad you can relate. it is a struggle for us too girl lol And I think it is actually dove campaign from several years ago I believe. I will try to find out for you though, 🙂 🙂


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