My favorite ways to say cheers!


One of the best ways to communicate with someone whose language you don’t speak is through the old way of simply saying Cheers! As old as dirt itself, it’s the term that every country, language and culture has a version of. And although in some places there are slightly different translations of the term “cheers”, they generally all represent the same idea. To celebrate living life via the consumption of beverages, usually alcoholic. To raise your glass to those around you to a good time, good health and fabulous future endeavors. I sip merrily to the happiness and well-being of those around me.  With the amalgamation of people I know from all over, knowing how to communicate in this one way often says more than any other words you may attempt, especially if you do not know their native tongue. So In the spirit of Happiness and good ales from the world over let us find some of our favorite ways to say Cheers. Below I have listed just a few of the ones I like the best and the way to spell it and the phonetic pronunciation. However I had a really hard time placing the correct international symbols for certain letters into my blogs format so for that, I apologize.

Happy Sipping,


Kan Pai, in happiness!

Albanian- Gezuar ( Geh-zoo-ah)

Catalan- Salut ( Sah-lut)

Chinese(Mandarin)- Gan Bei ( Gan Bay)

Czech- Na zdravi (Naz-drah-vee)

Hungarian- Egeszsegedre ( Egg-esh-ay ged-reh) Which translates to “To your health”

Japanese- Kanpai ( Kan-pie) Which translates to “Dry the glass”

Swedish- Skal (Skaol)

Thai- Choke dee ( Chok-dee)

Welsh- Iechyd da (Yeh-chid- dah)

Yiddish- Sei gesund ( Say-gehsund)


So when you come across someone and you want to wish them the best over drinks or dinner here are some good ones. Feel free to comment about your favorite ways to cheers so I can add them to my list.

❤ Cassandra



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