My favorite cow!


Highland Cattle images (1)

Welcome to Bovine Blvd. So glad you turned down this street today. My love of the bovine species always takes me in so many different directions. One of which are the interesting and detailed origins of some of the breeds. Like us they have a history filled with immigration, cross-breeding and evolution. One such bovine that I love particularly because of its beauty and natural ability to evolve and adjust to its environment is the Scottish Highland. It’s more than an interesting animal. They exhibit phenomenal qualities both genetically and physically. Above all of that, it is  believed that they are a mellow tempered and even friendly breed of bovine. I know, the very thought is exciting to say the least. Hope you enjoy these little fun facts and snippets that always give me a smile.

  • With long horns and wavy coats they are born with black, brindled, red, yellow or dun colored hair. They are now imported mainly to Australia and North America.  And surprisingly ( to me) although groups of cattle are known as ‘Herds’, a group of highland cattle is referred to as ‘Folds’. You can’t get any cuter than that.

  • They are proud herbivores whose lifespan is generally 15- 22 years and they possess a fun scientific name, Bos Taurus, and weigh anywhere from 900 lbs- 2200 lbs. Which is like weighing that of a tiny little Fiat. There only predators are the wolf, coyote and ……Humans. Surprise!

  • The Scottish Highland is the oldest registered breed of cattle. ( 1885) What this truly means I am not entirely sure. All I could ever find was the fact itself but I suppose being the first of anything is cool in and of itself.

images (2)

  • They are disease resistant. With the new scares in our country of Ebola and weird mosquito transmitted diseases popping up I’d try whatever they are trying.

  • They are said to be genetically advanced and have evolved to encumber harsh climates, both extreme heat and colder than cold climates. Even those colder and harsher in temperature than their native highlands. I can barely survive in 65 degree weather as I am always cold. I literally wear sweaters and scarves all year-long, which is borderline ridiculous seeing that I live in the Northeastern part of America. I wasn’t born with fur though, so … you know.

  • They thrive on foods, pasture and range lands that other breeds simply can’t or won’t bother to sustain themselves with.

images– They are an even-tempered breed, reportedly, so much so that I’ve read that many farmers/breeders find them a joy to herd and raise and often they will even allow any children nearby to pet and stroke them on occasion.

  • The highland cattle’s meat is wonderous in regards to nourishment. It’s meat is very lean, high marbled and lower in cholesterol than most others. It’s super flavorful, I imagine this is due to their very strict diet of “all things others won’t eat” hehe At the very least this holds true in the British Isles where they consider highland beef premium and it’s recognized and the finest you can get.

I love them and now you probably do too.

❤ Cassandra….. Mooo!






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