My favorite candy!

One of the best things I discovered later on in life was candy. Now this may sound weird but my mother was one of those awful parents who wouldn’t let me consume unnecessary amounts of sugar and rot my teeth until I was old enough to choose for myself to eat unnecessary amounts of sugar and rot my teeth. So as you can imagine, most of the wonderful candies out there in the world didn’t enter into mine until I was well into my late teens. Now, this is not to say I didn’t sneak some skittles here and there, which were always in abundance at my grandparents house, or have a sweet snack from time to time. But I discovered most of my favorite little gummy sugary treats later in life. And I enjoy them still, but for some reason or another I always get a little pang of guilt when I have had just a few too many pieces and my moms voice is in my head urging me to put them down. I thank her for that now, Diabetes is a scary thing and I am sure she saved me from it so very long ago.

However when I do indulge I sometimes get so excited as to which ones to pick my hair stands straight up as though I had been playing with the electrical sockets. When asked what is my favorite snack or candy bar or treat it is always a brain burner. So I decided to make an official list of them. Why I love em and as many fun tidbits and facts as I could find on them. hooray!!!!

First up, Gummy Bears!

As the above video shows, they are gummy and dance and sing down my into my belly every time I eat them.  In German they are called Gummibärchen. Which is their place of origin.

In 1920 their was a man and he was a confectioner by the name of Hans Reiger Sr. and he started the Haribo company. Haribo gummy bears are my favorite brand actually, they were the first gummy bears ever made and in 1922 he was inspired by the dancing bears at festivals throughout Europe in the 19th century.


They come in an array of ingredients to suit the needs of everyone. For example in Turkey they produce a Halal bear and they even make sugar-less bears for those with diabetes. They also produce ones that are made with pectin or starch instead of the original gelatin so that it’s suitable for vegetarians.

Twizzlers, they make mouths happy!

Look at this amazing idea I found online for Twizzlers in a mason jar!

Look at this amazing idea I found online for Twizzlers in a mason jar!

Y&S Candies Inc. ( a subsidiary of Hershey) produces Twizzlers. 1929 was the year the Twizzler candy brand was created in Montreal, although I believe the licorice itself was introduced in 1845.

I love Licorice but only actually eat Twizzlers, the strawberry flavor. However they come in a variety of sizes and flavors now like chocolate, watermelon and cherry. They are so yummy and I love to put them in giant mason jars as edible decoration. The best thing you can ever do for your life is open a pack of Twizzlers and  bite off each end and use it as a straw. This may sound juvenile but I assure I only use it to drink my beer therefore it is an adult activity. 🙂

All Twizzlers are apparently Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union, so yay to that I guess. And they also do not contain any gelatin or other animal products so the people of PETA love them and they are vegetarian safe!

The workers who make twizzlers are alloted 2 pounds of candy per week, which means I am considering quitting writing and joining the twizzler factory.

They are 8 1/4 inches long and next to popcorn, Twizzlers are the second most popular movie theater snack.



Next up the amazing Air Heads!

air heads 2

Created in 1986 by Perefetti  Van Elle in Erlanger, Kentucky they are brightly colored, chewy taffy like candies that look like a giant tongue. I usually can’t eat more than one at a time because they are so sweet but delicious nonetheless.

They are only sold within the United States and Canada.

Flavors include cherry, lemonade, watermelon, white mystery, green apple, strawberry, blue raspberry, orange, Cola, Pink Lemonade, Grape-o-licious, Mang-o-tastic, Strawberry Banana, Tutti Frutti

and “Slammin’ Sour” and “Flaming Hot.”


Lemon Drops


The original Lemon Drops, were a hard candy shaped like little lemons and rolled in sugar. They originally come from England, which somehow makes so much sense to me.

Starting off as a throat lozenge the lemon drop has a clouded history of sorts, meaning I could barely find any information on them whatsoever. There are tons of brands of these candies and I actually haven’t had any in a very long time. But the best ones to get are the ones you find in an actual candy store where everything is perfectly placed in clear mason jars and you have to scoop them out into a little baggies.

If you’re looking for the old fashion kind that are a perfect combination of sweet and tart there is a great website to order them from, appropriately name yum!


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups


download (3)

Created by H. B. Reese in 1928 this is one of those wonderful milk chocolate candies that doesn’t bombard you with chocolate, instead its overwhelmed with peanut butter. Fun!!  As it turns out H.B. Reese was a dairy farmer and a shipping foreman for Milton S. Hershey. It would seem the reeses peanut butter cup was destined to happen.

As of 2012 the Reese’s candy brand is the #1 selling candy brand in the US.

With 10 million likes, It even has more friends than I have on facebook. 🙂

I love to eat these after letting them sit in the freezer for a bit, wait until after you have put on your pj’s and forget to brush your teeth then have one. It is the best midnight snack ever.

These round chocolate cups of yummy come in a multitude of variations, most of which I have never tried but now are officially on my list of ” Candies I’ve never had. And yes, I do indeed have such a list. Here are just a few:

Big Cup, Caramel, chocolate lovers, crunchy cookie cup, double chocolate, double crunch, fudge, half pound cup( released in Canada in 2011) lol, hazelnut cream, honey roasted, inside out, marshmallow, miniatures, minis, peanut butter and banana cream and white chocolate. Phew! That is a whole lot of options. I love it and you should too.

These are my favorite candies. I wish I had more to add to the list in all honesty but I simply don’t eat that much candy all that often, however one of my favorite things ever about being an adult is that I get to eat candy whenever I feel like it. 🙂

Happy snackin’

❤ Cassandra





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