Beer Highlight: DuClaw- Neon Gypsy!!!!

download (4)DuClaw Brewery- Baltimore, MD 6.5 % Alc,  Medium bodied


Sharp, bitter and citrus-y on the tongue.

For a second time I was thoroughly impressed by the brewers at DuClaw. Aptly named ‘Neon Gypsy”, this new Indian Pale Ale brought out a raucous, giddy way in me. There are many IPA’s, good ones, out there that can taste very similar to each other in that they are sometimes  either over or under hopped. However this IPA being slightly more bitter than their ‘Serum” but less hoppy and strong, seriously held its own among the great IPA’s I’ve had. The bitterness gave a slight lemon feel to me and the aroma was unusually sweet. I decided to on snack on some white cheddar popcorn while I enjoyed a bottle and the pairing was surprisingly perfect. I tasted ginger, orange and lemon.

Made mostly with  a blend of 7 different hops: Columbus, Simcoe, Chinook, Amarillo, Citra, Nelson Sauvin and Sorachi Ace

I love this beer and would recommend it for a beautiful fall evening, wrapped in your favorite sweater with good company and a snack. 🙂

Happy Sippin’

❤ Cassandra


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