A visit to Pepperidge Farm.


This month I came down with a little mini cold. I was under the weather for a few days and so my better half Red brought in from work one day a little care basket filled with all the necessities a sick girl might need. Nyquil, gummy bears, an italian sub, ginger-ale and a bag of pepperridge farm cookies. The short bread ones. You know, all the usual. Well…It got me thinking about my favorite cookies ever. Of course they are my mothers home-made short bread cookies that were made from memory, with no recipe or measurement cups. She’d throw in a pinch of this or a handful of that and presto! Cookies! Man would I love a fabulous plate of short bread cookies, sweet and sugary, that fell apart in your mouth. Many years later I discovered a similar happiness with Pepperidge farm cookies. The short bread ones of course.  Now, I like other types of cookies that they make however they always seem to leave something to be desired in my opinion. But then again I may a bit bias since I am sincerely in love with their short bread cookies. :-). Anyhow, after being a bit ill and bed-ridden for  a few days and all netflixed out it was a welcomed treat, those cookies.

pepperidge farm shortbread cookies

It turns out they have been around since the early 40’s and so I  figured there are lots of good tid bits to discover about the Farm. 🙂

Started by a mother and house wife, from Connecticut, Margaret Rudkin, attempting to find a preservative free bread for her son due to his allergies came Pepperidge Farms. What she started was a conglomerate of fabulous cookies and baked goods. A trip to Belgium in the 50’s and Pepperidge Farm being acquired in the 60’s by Campbell’s Soup brought us the very famous “Goldfish Crackers”  and “Chocolate Chunk” cookies and mor..

They rank in the top 2% brands worldwide in brand equity.

Despite my allegiance lying with only the shortbread cookies they actually use  real ingredients in all their other products.

Pepperidge Farm products are available in over 45 countries, have relationships with over 40 distributors and 80 retailers all over the globe.

They also offer the opportunity to become a Pepperidge Farm independent distributor. So very awesome, allowing the entrepeneur in us all to shine bright, if it should so be your desire.

To my surprise, their website boasts of a large array of company recipes and ideas from breakfast, pastries and sandwiches to full meals and desserts.

All in all I never thought that I would have so much to say about one of my favorite packaged cookies, however the short bread cookies are simply fantastic! I recommend them with the lights a bit dim and your covers pulled all the way up and your favorite Sylvester Stallone movie on the tube. Or have them after you’ve enjoyed that lasagna you have been putting off making since last fall. 🙂


❤ Cassandra



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