Beer Highlight: Victory- Hop Devil!!!

hopdevilThis has long been one of my favorite beers to find out at a pub on tap. It happens so infrequently that when I am fortunate enough to encounter the Devil, it’s like tasting it for the first time all over again. Half way through the bottle the memories of the Hop Devil’s past flood my mind and I’m brought back to whatever occasion or experience I took part in before. When the broad barley notes roll down my tongue, I remember to sip slowly, as not to miss the enchanting maple sitting beneath the toasted nut flavors that are there. Like the average American, the Devil is full-bodied, but is above average in almost every other way. It’s tangy and very hoppy and almost demands to be drunken alone. It’s for the palate that knows no bounds. It’s for the spirit that does not fear the possibility of it tasting bad. You can not be persuaded to drink the Devil, The Devil must invite you in. And you shall know when it’s your time to be romanced by the complexity of its brewing components.

Made with whole flower American hops and German Malts (one of only a few in the country to do so), this American made Indian Pale Ale, brewed in Downingtown, PA,is described by its own brewers as spicy and menacingly delicious. It makes me wonder if their target audience are to be of the same nature. They also suggest pairing it (if the feeling should come upon you to do so) with grilled meats, bar-b-q ribs or anything with cheddar cheese and the only variant I’d offer in regards to this would be sharp cheddar.

For a brewery that is filled with German tradition then wrapped in American ingenuity, their ability to constantly produce creations of true craftsmanship and care astound and please me to no end.

Happy sippin’

❤ Cassandra


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