Beer of the month- DuClaw Double IPA, Serum

duclaw Serum beer

For the month of September I have chosen a beer to highlight that came to me in a six-pack. Sometimes the best discoveries happen this way. 🙂 As you may have noticed, I love sharing with you guys a wonderful beer every month that I have either found or re-discovered on my quest for all things brewed. However I also think it important to highlight the brewery that produces said beer. As it is often in the pages of their beginnings, brewing style and history put together over the years that allows them to create that one wonderful beer, that I find and share with you. It is so very important to me when I find a beer to add to the list of wonderful consumption, that I also understand something of the people who work hard everyday to produce it. Their mindset, skills and desire to produce and craft what we all sit around and enjoy in the sunshine or moonlit evenings of our lives, giving us a break to relax from all that is hectic in the world and to slowly sip it away.

DuClaw Brewing Co.- Baltimore, MD Established in 1996

This brewery has a wonderful beginning not too different from that of others started up by a young enthusiastic beer lover with a determined mind. It began in Bel-Air by a man named Dave Benfield who in conjunction today with brewmaster Jim Wagner work hard to bring over 35 unique beers with countless variations and blends to us everyday. I thank them. Upon discovering “Serum” I realized their life’s work was not a waste. IPA’s in particular are my favorite type of beers as I have professed so often before but there is nothing like the Double IPA to get your taste buds going like a 100-year-old wooden roller coaster at the amusement park. It starts of as a hesitant appreciation for the beauty of it and then gradually develops into something more. Then one day you find yourself standing  in line waiting for your turn on the coaster despite your fear of speed and heights. Ultimately, out of breath and flustered with excitement, there could have been no other choice but to take the ride and then….. you can’t wait to go again. This is how it is to drink this beer.

From ” Beer Bashes” to “Beer Tastings” this brewery offers a wonderful array of monthly events to convene at that also include food and it is what seems to be one of the more merry brew pub locations in the country. If you lived in or around the Baltimore area it’s something I would recommend giving a try.


  • First released in 2004, Now available year round

Flavor- Despite being a double IPA it’s a fairly lite beer with a super-duper hoppy taste. I tasted lots of caramel and a kind of wheat like flavor, but it’s not so overwhelming that it’s undrinkable. It’s actually quite the opposite at 9% alc  after 3 or 4 I was pleasantly buzzed. 🙂 I also feel like this beer has a wonderfully delicious bitterness to it that may not sit well with anyone whose palate isn’t used to IPA’s to begin with however I wouldn’t let this deter me from giving it a taste if you see it at your local pub or store. After all, beer that you don’t like can always be used as an additive to a southern crawfish jambalaya or something like that. 🙂 There is a sweetness that really stays on the tongue long after you sip it.

  • Medium Bodied, Copper colored

  • The bottle even has a clever little motivational speech on it as to why you should be drinking it. Which grabs your attention immediately while browsing beers in the store.

  • The website boasts of this beer being aggressively hopped at several stages of the brewing process including a gradual two-week dry-hopping.

Food Pairing- This beer probably tastes wonderful with any dish or appetizer that’s  fried or more on the light side even. However I decided it was perfect for me with a home-made chicken pot pie, where we used cream of mushroom soup, peas, carrots, and gave it a parmesan crust. ( recipe to come in “fantastic foods” later this month). The creamy-ness  of the dish just went down well with this beer for me.

Hops variety- Columbus (bittering), Amarillo, Cascade

Grains- Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, Carared Malt

I hope you enjoyed my pick for September’s Beer of the Month. I know I truly enjoyed drinking it.

-Happy Sippin’

❤ Cassandra


A few awesome beer facts:

  • Plato’s- This is the measurement used by commercial brewers to measure the density of solutions.It’s expressed as the equivalent weight of cane sugar in solutions. I stumbled upon this little nugget of info on the DuClaw website.

  • The difference between a Lager and an Ale. Many people who drink beer do not truly know the difference. And since knowledge is power, let us power up. The difference is the type of yeast used for fermentation and the temperature at which they are fermented. For example Lagers are generally fermented between 48-55 degrees F and Ales between 65-75 degrees F.



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