How to trim your bangs!

A women’s ability and talent to maintain several different hair-styles without going to the salon every other week is one of the hardest things we all try to attain in our 20’s. This includes blow-drying our hair, flat-ironing our hair, giving it the needed trim to get rid of the split-ends and trimming our bangs if we wear them. This is a life long struggle for many of us that is usually most horrific in our 20’s. The reason is probably because this is the time, statistically when your “friends” are far less likely to actually tell you when your leaving the house looking a mess, or that your new hair cut simply sucks. Ahhh, but fear not….. today we are going to touch upon one of the simplest things to do, no matter what kind of hair you have, no matter what your hair grooming skills may be. How to trim your bangs properly. I have been cutting and trimming my hair for at least a decade. Now this isn’t to say I have perfected anything but I surely know how to perform the simplest tasks  on my own hair in between those salon visits, which have become increasingly more non-existent over the years. Enjoy. 🙂

Let’s get straight to it.

I wanted to show you the perfect way however I have posted a Youtube video from Tiliamac instead. She trims her bangs exactly as I have been doing for years. I love the ease in which she explains the process and of course she is totally adorable on camera so I thought it best to just add her video . 🙂  There is also a picture of the my own bangs after I have trimmed them.

Blow dry your hair (optional)- First, no matter what kind of hair you have, you must blow dry your bangs straight, unless you already have incredibly straight hair in which case this wouldn’t be necessary :-).

Part you hair and pull back the rest– Decide how much hair you want in your bang. I wear my bangs fairly full and thick and I make a part from roughly from eyebrow to eyebrow.  Also, as in the video, I start my bangs from pretty far back on my head and also use the triangle method to determine how much hair I am going to be trimming.

Trim to your nose If your starting off with pretty long hair in front of your face you have to get rid of some of it to see what you’re doing and get started properly. Also you don’t want to begin by chopping off your bangs super short. The less you cut the better, because you can always cut more but you can’t go back and cut less. As you will notice in the video, twisting your bangs and trimming them to your nose or a little shorter works well too.

Flat iron/bump your bangs (optional) I have super curly/wavy/wild  hair so I flat-iron my bangs to give them that super silky straight look that blowing drying alone simply doesn’t do for me. Now take a flat-iron or a curling iron if you have one. I prefer a flat-iron for bangs as not to make them look super curled and eighties-ish. Now make sure the make a bump in the hair, meaning you’re going to iron it so it has a slight curl in it as oppose to it being super straight like right after you blew it dry. Remember if your hair is already super straight and silky you may not need to flat-iron.

Trim With your scissor blades facing upward trim slightly shorter every time you go across, almost as though you are texturizing or layering your hair, constantly making sure you are satisfied with how much you have trimmed. I don’t make my bangs super straight across, instead as in my photo below I like to frame my face with my bangs, but when I do I pull the comb through with one hand then use the scissors in the other hand to go slowly across…

my bangs

These are my own bangs, the last time I trimmed them.

Below is a video showing you exactly how to do it. 🙂 Thank you Tiliamac.


That’s it, super simple and not that time-consuming. I trim my bangs all the time when I am in the mood for them and the best thing about doing so is that they seem to always  grow super fast afterward.

Hope you enjoyed and Happing snippin’

❤ Cassandra



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