Beer of the month-North Carolina Craft Breweries: Who knew?


I heard it once said that beer is the most versatile beverage in the world. I can only feel that this must be true. It brings people from all coasts and of all creeds together in places celebrating and enjoying life for no other reason than because it taste good. This month I decided to highlight some of the craft brewers in the state of North Carolina. The art of the small brew has become increasingly popular in this country over the last few decades and even more so in the state of NC where and I am always surprised to find a fabulous beer brewed in a town or city I otherwise didn’t associate with beer. North Carolina is one such place. As a whole,  the state is home to over 100 breweries and brew pubs. Who knew. Among them are places where some of my favorite beers and 3 of the largest brewers in the United States reside: Sierra Nevada, New Belgium and Beer Oskar Blues. It’s very exciting because to top it off there are often some of the countries most eclectic and diverse craft beer festivals here too.

As of last year, April is the their official  “Beer Month” and after seeing all the festivities held in honor of the state’s thriving craft beer industry I can’t wait to attend  next year.

A great little tidbit: Many of the breweries in NC purchase from local farmers and small agricultural companies which helps to promote the environment and local agriculture there. New Belgium is even placing their second brewery this coming year in West Asheville because of their very pure water sources. Believing that to end up with a beer of wonders you must first begin with the purest form of whats most abundant in it. Water. It thrills me to no end and sets my tastes buds a blazing when I hear the investment and care these brewers go through to bring forth such wonderful creations within their craft.

These are just a few great beers I found a lot of the Brews pubs in NC talking about. So give them a try .:

Rochefort Trappistes 10

rochefort trappistes 10Abv 11.3 % This is a dark full-bodied beer with very distinct flavors of plum, raisin, caramel, malt and black currant. Sort of sweet but also very strong. This is not for the faint of heart but the brave and bold.


Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

goose island bourbon county stoutAbv 15 % Aged in bourbon barrels this stout is dark and dense, tasting of vanilla and caramel. It almost finishes slightly smoky but is so velvety and rich that some advise trying it with a cigar. It’s a great after dinner beer.


Bells Hopslam

bells hopslam beerAbv 10 % Using six different hop varieties this beer makes for a fun taste that’s aromatic and pungent for the senses. Its considered a Double Indian Pale Ale.





And if you are not a beer person than visit the state of North Carolina with a beer drinking friend or just enjoy  some of these fun and relatively unnecessary facts and trivia about NC….because I love lists. 🙂

  • Cape Hatteras is the largest light tower to ever be moved due to erosion…. so that’s exciting.
  • North Carolina is the largest producer of sweet potatoes in the nation… so I would assume also a great place to find pie.
  • Krispy Kreme Donuts was founded in Winston-Salem, NC….ummm I don’t eat these bc they are so good I am afraid I will become fat just from looking however still a valid reason for visiting. Beer and donuts. Yummy!
  • The first miniature golf course was built-in Fayetteville, NC…. which means there are probably amazing miniature golf locations down there.
  • Babe Ruth also hit his first professional home run in Fayetteville on March 7th, 1914.
  • Pepsi was invented in New Bern, NC  in 1898… so if  you have a healthy obsession with carbonated syrup this is exciting.
  • Andrew Johnson ( 7th President of the U.S.A in case you forgot) started his career as a tailors apprentice in Raleigh, NC…which is just strangely awesome in my opinion because I am not sure how that was the beginning of his political career.
  • North Carolina leads the nation, apparently, in tobacco, brick, textile and furniture production, which is pretty random but probably noteworthy information for someone.
  • They have a pretty cool state motto : Esse quam videri (To be rather than to seem).

All in all this month of beer searching was enlightening for me, I have a new list of great beers that I think will be perfect for the coming fall weather and what a time I will have drinking them. Hope you enjoyed what one of the great southern states has to offer us all. Till next month, on the 16th, find the beer that helps you bask in the joys of life and hop in.

Happy sippin.

❤ Cassandra







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