Dude Dinners: Summer on a mini BBQ

Welcome to this edition of Dude Dinners!  It’s summer and it just wouldn’t be a dude dinner if it wasn’t perhaps cooked in the outdoors.

Oh how joyous the summer truly is….. the sun is brighter, hotter and shines longer into the night. One of my favorite things in the summer is bar-b-q time. The list of fantastic foods you can make on the grill are endless. What surprised me this summer is how my boyfriend, some friends of ours and myself utilized the mini bar-b-q grill this summer so far. We have created a long list of amazingly fantastic foods that are generally reserved for that wonderful propane grill your dad got for father’s day. Well…. we had quite a time and I am excited to share what we came up with. There is a roast, ribs, veggies, hot wings, a shrimp boil and more.

The grill we used is a 20 dollar contraption that we got from Wal-Mart. It’s perfect if you travel or if you simply don’t have a huge backyard space with an equally huge grill with all the fabulous amenities. It’s rare that I am deterred in life by anything least of all space. NYC is the type of place where you learn all about compromise in regards to space and you come up with awesome ways of utilizing what you have.

This first recipe belongs to Red, and being from North Carolina his influence on how we cook has become most southern I must say. It’s what he calls a shrimp boil. We did use a giant stew pot for this that we placed on the stove for several hours and then brought outside. So it in fact wasn’t made on the mini grill, however the bar b q experience would have been boring without it.




4 lbs. shrimp ( peeled and de-veined)                    Salt and pepper, Old bay seasoning

3 lbs. small red potatoes (aka baby reds, aka new potatoes)

6 ears corn ( cut into thirds)

turkey sausage

Beer giant 3 gallon stew pot (Or feel free to adjust the ingredients and use the largest pot you have)


-Begin by washing all your veggies and setting aside. You are going to put them into the pot whole.

-Next you place all your ingredients into the pot except for the shrimp ( which you put in about ten minutes before everything else is cooked)

-Pour enough water (and your beer) to just cover the ingredients  and add spices according to your taste. We added lots of Old Bay ( a whole can)

-Let boil down for about an hour or until your potatoes are fully cooked ( when you can place a fork in them and it slides off)

-Turn off heat and add shrimp

This little piece of spicy magic came about because several of our friends had been craving hot wings all week. No problem. Because Red was out the door and on his way to the store before the sentence even left her mouth. We have cooked these in the fry pan first  however cooking them on the grill first is the way to go if you want that delicious smoky flavor that only comes with cooking outside. Also be ware, this is a super spicy dish so if you suffer from extreme heart burn or acid reflux as I do, then make sure to take your Nexium or Zantac Before you eat these. 🙂




5 packs small chicken winglets                    Salt and Pepper (to taste)

Large bottle Frank’s Red Hot sauce

Extra virgin olive oil

1 stick of butter (8 tbsp)


Mix most of your bottle of Frank’s Red hot sauce with your stick of butter (melted) and stir


-Heat your oil on med heat. ( or if using the grill, heat your coals up until the fire has died down)

-Season your wings with salt and pepper

-Fry your wings until crispy and medium brown on all sides ( same applies if your cooking them on the grill)

-Roll them immediately in your wing sauce and set aside

Next up, Sheldon’s tailgate ribs. Appropriately named, this recipe comes from the fabulous Mr. Sheldon, one of Red’s co-workers whose astute knowledge of ribs made for a fabulous and indulgent day of grilling.  These ribs are super sweet and savory, almost like candy. And to that we say thank you!




8-10 lbs ribs                         Salt and Pepper (to taste)

3 large white onions (diced)              Large aluminum pan and foil

Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce

Pancake syrup

3-4 oz. Dr Pepper

Rib sauce:

Mix your pancake syrup, diced onions and  BBQ sauce together and set aside.


-First, take your ribs and boil them (on the stove) in water for at least 45 mins. This tenderizes and cooks the rib meat perfectly.

-Then drain ribs and place into your large aluminum pan.

-Cover ribs entirely with the rib sauce and cover with foil, poking a few holes in it.

-Place onto your grill and let cook for at least 45 mins or until the sauce has thickened and reduced down about 1/3 of the way.

Among these recipes we cooked up veggies too…. zucchini, peppers, onions and eggplant all sliced up and put into a vinaigrette and olive oil sauce then placed in a foil bowl and put onto the grill.

We threw hamburgers with cheese and bacon in the meat onto the grill….eat as you please.

Turkey sausages graced our grill as well as regular hot dogs.

And finally, we enjoyed all these wonders with ice-cold beers that we threw into a little cooler with ice, sitting by the mini grill covered in laughter and happiness, the final products leading to full bellies and a whole lot of awesome recipes that can be applied to a grill of any caliber.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Dude Dinners! The boys in my life truly did a number this summer Dude-ing up some great foods for me!

❤ Cassandra

Sidenote: As per usual, I couldn’t find the few photos I managed to take of the food we ate this summer and/or we ate it too fast and so I used photos of similar recipes I found online, but I can assure you our recipes look exactly the same. I like to illustrate through photos the food we enjoy and am working on making sure my food is photographed before it is eaten. hehehe You understand.








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