We are abusing social media

Welcome to the first edition of a new category in my blog. It’s title “Cassandra’s Do’s and Don’ts” and is apart of my “Random Rants” section

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So….I am on Facebook but not twitter, instagram or shutter-whatever. However, people who do utilize these other social media outlets often connect them to their fb accounts and so you often are privy to the “memes” , “photos” and other various social commentary that comes with this type of extreme social activity, that is common in our generation. Here is where I come to my point.

I sometimes wish people would stop “meme-ing”, “posting”, “tagging” and whatever else you call it, about stuff, morals, do’s and don’ts that they don’t actually practice in their own life. Don’t post gross sexually explicit cartoon illustrations where the cartoons are in all kinds of sexual positions you know you’ve never tried. Save it for your weird group that meets up on Tuesdays at 5.

Don’t floss on instagram in front of a car you don’t own because you forgot it will also post on facebook. I know you in real life and you drive a 2009 Honda, not a Maserati.

Don’t take mad photos of stacks of cash after you got your income tax check and then use those photos for the next 6 months, as though you are stacking cash all day.

If you post regrettable photos that are explicitly showing your not-so-in-shape ass those are there forever and NO I haven’t forgotten you posted them.

Stop posting the intimate details of every intimate argument or discrepancy you have with your boyfriend/husband/partner, because despite the 19 comments that all start with “awww, honey you will get through it”, your friends think you look desperate for attention. Be discreet and speak in drunken generalities like the rest of us when we are angry with our spouse.

Don’t be afraid to use the ‘delete’ or  ‘edit’ button. I am 99% positive they  invented it for this exact  reason folks.

Do, however share the photos, quotes and activities that make you uniquely you.

However please don’t’ post your bigoted, racist, discriminatory shit, because that just shows us you are a bigot, a racist and  discriminatory. There are probably groups for that.

This may be a touchy subject and if you are sensitive person perhaps you should skip this one. Everyone who thinks their kids are cute are usually incorrect. You’ll know your kid is cute because we will tell you. And fuck you, friends, who lie way too often about your friends kids who are actually ugly and not cute at all. There are tons of ways to let your friends, who had mediocre looking babies before they could afford them, that you support them anyways. Send a smiley face. Post a “congratulations”. So simple folks. Don’t get crazy. Stop using words like “cute”, “gorgeous”, or “beautiful” when it doesn’t apply.

Oooohh this next one really gets me going. Please people, stop “liking” posts and comments that are clearly a personal joke between 2 other people. Don’t press the “like” button if you have no idea what the comments or posts means. Because whoever the post was really meant for, we are raising our eyebrows and saying “Bye bitch, stop crowding my news feed”. Not knowing the difference between a post that is meant for whoever might be familiar with the context and posts and the ones for the general public is like not knowing if you should  wipe front to back or back to front.  If you even thought about this comment for more than 3 seconds immediately stop reading my blog. This does not include any person(s) who may be inebriated while reading this article. You’re welcome.

If you think I have been randomly ranting for far too long now, just hold on, it continues. Feel free to take a water break and come back. perhaps save the other half for a future lunch break at work. Whatever works for you. You’ll probably be excited when you return because my Kanye-like rant actually segways into a pro-Kanye rant.

Now, granted I have never been excited about him going off, often un-prompted and unnecessarily about too much stuff. However being a small participant in social media I often read other people’s articles about Kanye. Usually popular bloggers, journalists and entertainment reporters. It seems like more often than not they are going on about how he has turned out to be the very thing he himself used to rant about not becoming. Not sure what that even means. How and why is it bad that he is absurdly in love with his woman? Who cares if he healthily obsesses, in the public eye, about his lady. Didn’t we all go  hard and wear way too many uncomfortable heels and skirts in our 20’s with the hope that we’d find a guy who would feel and act this way about us openly? The answer is yes. Bye people. Hating on the fact that his baby has a driver, nanny, protective detail and an actual Maserati at 1 years old is just messed up. So what…what you think he raps for, to push a fucking Rav-4? No. And you would treat your entourage, kids, family and friends to those things too if you had hundreds of millions of dollars too.

That’s all for today’s random rant… I greatly appreciate anyone who made it the bottom of this list. 🙂




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