Women are ridiculous


Women are ridiculous, Yes I said that. As a woman myself I suppose I should have more patience with my own gender. I don’t.

Is chivalry dead? No, ladies it is not. Is being kind a thing of the past? No. Granted so many men need lessons on these topics, I can assure you they exist.

What I am really sick of though, is seeing young beautiful women mistake chivalry, politeness and the act of being kind for flirting or inappropriate behavior from men. So often  women in my generation (I’m born in 1984) can’t take a compliment or take an admiring glance for a stalkers hunger lust. Seriously get over yourself.  Maybe you’re looking super fly today and your outfit is proper. Maybe it’s just that. Perhaps all that incredibly unhealthy tanning you insist on doing all winter long looks good to that guy staring at you in line at the grocery store.  Maybe that hair cut you that you thought was atrocious, isn’t and brings out your cheek bones or something. If someone actually opens the door to the coffee shop you frequent, maybe he is just being kind because his mama taught him right. And if you see that same man at that coffee shop you frequent, perhaps he frequents it too. Despite what all those episodes of Law and Order:SVU has taught us, he may not necessarily be stalking you ladies.

It is also these same women that will be the ones complaining about how there are no good men out there or that “all men suck”. Some men do suck by the way, we have all experienced the idiocy of a crappy guy but I find it annoying that some women insist on lumping all men into that crazy category. Perhaps the good men aren’t the ones that grope you while your drunk and dancing in that way too short skirt at the club last Friday but the guy who musters the courage to give you a random compliment or look in everyday life. Hmmmm… It’s a thought.

How about when women who are taken, meaning, married or in a relationship of some kind, think that any and every compliment, stare or friendly word is some gross attempt by a guy to “steal” them away or be inappropriate. I have seen this with my own eyes. Ever stop to think that perhaps it is just because you are in a healthy happy relationship that you get attention. Your probably glowing with happiness and love which is naturally attractive to others. I feel deliciously good when I am given a compliment by other men and women, it reminds me my man has something good at home.  . 🙂 It reminds me that I am beautiful, not that I need constant reassurance from strangers, but others feeling like we are beautiful counts ladies and damn well does feel good. It lets you know your taking care of yourself or lifts your spirits sometimes when you didn’t know you needed it. I have come across people getting my morning coffee or just sitting out and enjoying the sun that look stunning or are wearing the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I sometimes will compliment them. It’s like an emotional high-five. They smile and as I am sure I haven’t changed their life, I know it has brought two seconds of happiness that they deserve for getting up that morning and bothering to care about their appearance.

Advice…. Do keep an eye out for those creepy bastards leering at you like your at the end of the bar, because you never know when some one might try to slip a mickey into your drink but don’t discount the genuine glance or the complimentary words that come from the good ones. After all, I sometimes see someone, man or woman, walking down the street and often will tilt my head in admiration to them because maybe they just look absolutely fabulous or their outfit is amazing or something. More simply, maybe they are just hot.  🙂 I just like to give credit where credit is due. And if you are looking particularly awesome in those turquoise dangle-y earrings, someone should tell you about it.



9 thoughts on “Women are ridiculous

  1. As one of those guys who tries to hold the door open – for everyone as I’d like to think it’s polite – I was downright dismayed by a recent interaction with a woman who informed me that she could get the door herself. I was completely floored and couldn’t begin to understand how doing what I did was wrong on any level.


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