Beer of the Month- Sweet Action, Six point brewery


This summer the heat  hasn’t been quite as sweltering as I was expecting it in the North east (although in true NYC form, I expect it be when I least expect it). Where I think everyone is more likely to be sipping and switching over to lighter beers in this weather I have been sipping on the lovely IPA’s, new and old that I come across. One of my all time favorites is Sweet Action by Six point brewery. I have been in love with this beer since the first time I walked into their brewery for a tour about 6 or 7 years ago in Redhook, Brooklyn. It was a hot July afternoon and I went with co-workers for a weekend summer outing. We showed up at noon and the owners and brewers let us all pick out our own pint glass to taste everything from. When I first had the pleasure of tasting this beer straight out of one of the Vats in what looked to be a Fire station turned brewery, I think they may not have even been bottling it yet. Now you can find it locally in cans, bottle and on tap.  This is my favorite brewery and almost all their beers are a wonder to behold on the palate. They have come a very long way in regards to flavor and are a proud company who even teams up every year with Beer Advocate to host an event in Brooklyn, where they create small batches of unique brews that can not be found commercially. All the proceeds go to the Humane Society of New York.  They brew ‘One time Only’ batches and even produce a ‘Mad Scientist’ series which is something akin to an homage, every 2 months, to their first years as a brewery, their love for the craft of bringing so many flavorful concoctions to the people and the science that allows it to happen. Thank you Six Point, you will always be in my heart and/or my blood stream hehehehe.

Abv: 5.2 %


Style: Cream Ale


Availability: Year round


Flavor: It’s sweet, and creamy and sort of  hoppy without being too much of any of those things. If that doesn’t sound very descriptive I can assure you your lips will be saying the same words once this marvel in a pint glass comes into contact with your taste buds. It’s a full-bodied beer that has some floral notes if you keep a look out for them. Some say orange, others taste grapefruit. Being described as a cream ale ( which has never appealed to me ) I can assure you it doesn’t give the full effect of a true cream ale but has a smooth and pleasant creamy tongue feel half way through. On my voyage to live it and learn it, I have come to deeply respect Six Point brewery for their fervor and audacity to create brews that don’t appeal to the masses but more to the adventurous beer taster and lover. Sweet action is low in carbonation but scores high in the sweet department. I’ve read some reviews that describe it as more bitter than anything else but this is one of the things I love about it. I have tasted this beer at least a hundred times over the years and every single time I have it, I taste, smell and notice something in it I didn’t before. Something unique or some floral note I wasn’t privy to the last time. The medium amber color catches my eye only when I have it on tap as I truly love drinking it straight from the can when I find it and every time I am amazed that so much magic can fit into a 12 oz. glass. My advice? Go out and taste for yourself!!


Happy Sipping!!!!!

❤ Cassandra

Note—> The photo that I used I didn’t take but found on the internet and I have no idea who took it but shout out to the person who did. As soon as I saw this photo of the beer that I love so much it felt like I could taste it through the picture. Now that’s awesome!


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