Dude Dinners: Sandwich Edition

Welcome to a wonderful Dude Dinner, tonight I will highlighting some of my favorite sandwiches by none other than Red himself and one from me.  Now the ones I will be talking about today are sandwiches that, like so many things that are wonderful, happened by accident. Using ingredients that were already in the fridge. However don’t ever let that discourage you from shopping with something specific in mind when you go to the grocery store….It should be noted that the photos used are just pictures of sandwiches like the ones he’s made. It’s very rare that I actually get to snap a photo of the wonderful food Red makes, because it is just that, wonderful and usually eaten by the time I get to the camera.



This first one is an awesome sandwich that Red created late one night. I think he couldn’t sleep and in true meatball form decided to make himself some food. 🙂  Now this was made with ingredients that had been left over from dinner the night before. So the next time you have meatloaf and mash in the fridge try it out.


1.Red’s Meatloaf Sandwich:


Meatloaf (sliced into good thing pieces to fit on your bread)

Wheat bread (toasted)

Red onion (sliced thinly)

Mashed Potatoes (home-made w sour cream)


It’s simple, you pile all the ingredients onto your toasted bread, slice in half and enjoy!!!!  Be warned this is not a sandwich for the faint of heart, nor is it for anyone who may be suffering from any kind of coronary disease. 🙂

We make our mashed potatoes from scratch always and I particularly like the way Red makes his sour cream ones. So the recipe for those are below.! enjoy

1a.Mashed potatoes

(use as many or as little potatoes as you see fit, and don’t be scared to “eye” the ingredients, meaning add everything to taste)


 1/2 lb Honey gold potatoes (these are small and yummy, and work well with the skin left on)

2 tbsp Sour cream + 2 tbsp Butter (to taste)


Rinse your potatoes and quarter them, boil until soft, mash and add about 2 tbsp of sour cream and 2 tbsp of butter. The amount varies depending on how many potatoes you use. Taste it as you go along and you will know when you’ve added the right amount.


Tuna fish sandwich on whole grain wheat bread with lettuce and tomato.

This second sandwich is your run of the mill tuna sandwich except it’s not so run of the mill. The sour cream and pickles really make it a spunky sandwich with character and crunch.

2.Red’s Tuna Sandwich:


2 Cans of tuna (albacore)

4 or 5 tbsp of Mayo or Miracle Whip

1 tbsp Sour Cream

1/2 Red Onion

1 Pickle (diced)

Paprika (to taste)

Salt and Pepper (to taste)


For this sandwich you basically mix all the ingredients in a bowl then apply to toasted wheat bread, slice and enjoy! I have also had it with cheese and it is super yummy like this as well. Add lettuce and a sliced tomato if your feeling jazzy!


sliced avocado

For sandwich number 3 we have a breakfast ensemble of simple ingredients that is actually one pulled out of my morning repertoire. I love egg sandwiches any time of the day but they always seem so much easier to enjoy in the morning hours. I was going to add arugula but decided against it because the thickly cut onions gave the sandwich so much crunch.

3. Egg and Avocado Breakfast sandwich


2 large eggs

Avocado (ripe and sliced)

Red onion ( sliced thickly)

Swiss cheese

Light mayo

Whole wheat toast


So you just toast your bread, fry your eggs the way you like, I make mine over medium. Then you pile your onions and avocado. Don’t forget to put a little light mayo on one side of your bread and presto! Yummy-ness in between two slices.

Hope you enjoyed this Dude Dinner: Sandwich edition!

Happy eats

❤ Cassandra


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