The pet peeves of men!


One of the things I noticed in my 20’s was the very short but funny list of pet peeves that most men seem to have. These apply to almost all normal-ish men but very rarely do we women become bothered quite like our male counter parts. Or at least I don’t think so. As women, in general, I think we tend to be more tolerant, patient, not as easily agitated and well…. have a higher thresh-hold for pain. We manage our time better, usually, and have the fabulous ability to raise families, work, find time for a social life, sex life, and still remember to shave our legs. We are awesome. Let’s face it. All that and we can even grow an actual life inside of our bodies. Anyhow that’s not my point. I’ve noticed these little pet peeves in so many men over the years and it always gives me a little giggle when i notice it in others or my boyfriend wakes up to no toilet paper. You would have thought someone set his bedroom curtains on fire. hehe



1. Toilet Paper. (or lack there of)

1179317-Cartoon-Of-Toilet-Paper-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationThe number one everyday annoying thing to guys is definitely when they run out of toilet paper. Now this occurs in one of a few ways. More often than not a guy will go into the bathroom and actually sit on the toilet then notice there is no paper on the roll. Sometimes during their daily routine they will simply notice there is no toilet paper in the house at all. This is obvious a problem for everyone in a household but it’s just always funnier (the faces and sometimes foot stomping) when a man notices.



2. Over heating.

tumblr_m7wqgy7TK61qei4dzo1_400So men in general, or at least in my experience, always seem to run a bit warmer than women. So many of them are instantly hot if the temperature in the room isn’t 50 degrees F. What I always find funny is how irritated they can become if they, say, walk into a really hot room. They have a tantrum, often huffing and puffing like a small child denied their afternoon snack. The worst is when your guy wakes up super hot. Like, do we need the air conditioning on when it’s 60 degrees outside? My boyfriend actually wakes up pissed off if the air isn’t on when he wakes up in the morning. Good thing he makes cute pouty faces when he is upset. hehe

3. Hunger.

Men hate being hungry. Now obviously hunger isn’t the best physical feeling in the world to any human. But women seem to be able to deal with it better. We can go a full day usually if we are busy or whatever and may not even notice that we haven’t eaten. Men become so cranky. It’s almost hysterical. Well at least to me. They become irritable and unable to formulate rational thoughts, often mumbling under their breath. Sometimes when extreme hunger has set in ( by extreme I mean several hours, maybe 3,  have passed since their last meal) they will look in the fridge fifty times in 12 minutes or wind up making what I like to call a Dude Dinner. Sometimes fast food is a last resort and when this occurs the Chinese food menus in your house are abused becoming tattered and crinkled and ripped.


It often seems like dudes are all of a sudden busy or on their way to do something else when it’s their turn to do dishes. I happen to not really have a problem with cleaning dishes myself, as I am over joyed with the end result of the kitchen being clean. Guys, however will walk pass a sink filled with dishes, stare at them as if a new alien species has been discovered within the sink then walk away slowly in the hopes no one noticed them notice the dishes they have chosen not to wash. I have witnessed so many men do this it actually is more of a stand up skit than anything else at this point.


5. Snuggling.

Even the best of men who will cuddle you to sleep or snuggle you when you are unwell, generally need their half of the bed back at some point, to themselves. Whereas (I am making an assumption here by the way) most women, especially if your anything like me, can spend most if not all of the night comfortably snuggled in their guys arm nook, all up in their personal space with zero regard for their level of comfort. If you have never witnessed the stink look they give you when they awake with less than enough sleep, curled up on the corner or edge of the bed with one leg dangling off and probably no pillow at all because they slept with the weight of 100 lbs of woman wrapped around their body like a pretzel, I challenge you to try it. At the very least it will give you a good laugh to see your guys grumpy morning wake up faces. Unless they are assholes when sleep deprived, in which case I warn against that and don’t try this.


All in all the grumpiness that is men can entertain us all in some way or another. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed! I am sure that are lots I left out… All are welcome to add to this unnecessary yet amusing little list of mine.

❤ Cassandra





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