Beer Highlight: Funky Jewbilation




I have had lots of very strange tasting, oddly named beers that not only intrigued my taste buds but were complex in a way I couldn’t describe. Today’s beer highlight is sort of this type of beer. Be warned, this beer is border line nasty and I felt slightly tricked into tasting it given its name. However I will tell you I wound up drinking a whole pint of it despite my first inward wince at the sheer audacity that this beer existed. That being said, I fear no beer, and so on I trudged through the pint like a warrior in the woodlands….well that was dramatic but you get the point I’m sure. Overall if your into dancing in the moonlight partially nude and burning weird incense while calling upon the energy circles of the universe then this beer will get you into the spirit and  probably really buzzed at the same time. 🙂 So give it a go.


Funky Jewbilation 

Schmaltz Brewery Co.  Clifton, NY  Est. 1996

Alc by Vol. 9.8 %

2012 and 2013 world beer championship awards

A blend of 6 ales aged in rye whiskey and bourbon barrels.

Flavor: This is a potion of a beer, meaning it feels like some witch craft went into making it.  Setting taste aside the redeeming quality is that after a pint and a half  your inebriated.  It’s difficult to describe its actual flavor. It’s a dark lager like blend of 6 ales aged in 27 % bourbon barrels and 73 % rye whiskey barrels and it feels like your drinking straight out of said barrels immediately after consuming this beer.

I looked this beer up on several beer rating web sites and to my shock and dismay it was highly rated and reviewed. So I thought it necessary to add the views of more experienced palates. 🙂

Described as an American strong ale, and apparently only available in the winter ( though it should be noted I bought and tasted this beer on May 20th) it’s a brown mahogany color and it’s taste is acidic, sour and tart to start then finishes fairly clean. The aroma being reminiscent of leather and whiskey, raisins and other dried fruits.  A sour like beer that appeals to those interested in the warm belly feeling you get after you eat warm food. Sometimes having a sticky mouth feel. I also read reviews that there are hints of coffee, chocolate, oak, clove, red wine, vanilla, yeast, vinegar although the alcohol content is so high and hits you so fast that I couldn’t personally find any of those notes. It also sits with a medium carbonation and is medium bodied. Many people who reviewed this beer thought the alcohol was well hidden and that it drank very smoothly for the abv content it has.


So there it is, a pretty random beer highlight. I hope you enjoyed it!  Keep your eye out for my beer of the month for July, which is on the 16th of every month!

Happy sipping 🙂

❤ Cassandra




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