Bad Bar Behavior


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Happy 4th of July!!!  It’s a time to celebrate our nations independence and our freedom! We are free now, on this summer day, to go out and get trashed at local and beach side bars of all kinds. We are of the sound mind to go spend the full weekend engaging in all kinds of malarkey because we are free to do so!!! So let’s do it ! But wait, I thought it necessary, especially for this popular holiday of drinking debauchery that occurs nation wide, to discuss bad bar behavior. Because there are so many youngsters who just don’t know what is and is not accepted in a bar, no matter your level of summer drunkenness…. feel free to apply these rules to your everyday drinking endeavors. 🙂 You’re welcome.


  1. Never clap, snap, whistle or hiss at a bartender. This may sound funny and/or like absurd things to do when trying to get a bartenders attention. However if you’re not the worlds worst drunk then you have probably seen some idiot at the bar do this. You may have also witnessed sober people do this. A dude may walk in all ready to take his tie off after work and want his bud light now! You may see this dude whistle snap or hiss at a bartender in an obnoxious manner. Feel free to give this guy a dirty look because this is bad bar behavior. Our servers behind the bar can sometimes be lazy but in general they are busy and/or attending to other patrons, give them a break and be patient. Snapping is for stuffy snobby people whose boat shoes are too tight. You whistle at hookers on a corner and hissing is purely reserved for cats. so….

  2. Multiple cigarette bums. People, please do not bum or ask for more than one cigarette at a bar filled with people drinking and being merry inside and outside the bar. Now, as a smoker myself, I have been caught in a situation or two where I have just drunkenly smoked my whole pack, or I thought I had more than I did. This does happen. Sometimes the nearest store isn’t so near and it may just suffice to maybe ask a stranger for one. But let’s stop there. I have even been out in places where the nearest store is in fact closed and you can’t get any more smokes. Well fellow smokers I understand your plight, that is why we bum cigarettes  in the first place. However you can not ask me 3 times in one night, or ask every single friend in my party for one to make yourself a whole pack. This is bad bar behavior.

  3. Sitting in a seat that has a full drink in front of it. Now, listen I don’t care what rules you think apply to bar seats. If there is even a drink with some liquid in it, do me a favor just ask someone nearby if someone is sitting here. More often than not that person who is sitting right next to me can let you know if I have left the facility. If you are too shy to talk to strangers then wait a minute to see for yourself. Or ask the bartender as most drinkers with any kind of home training will alert their bartender as to when they are just using the bathroom or stepping out for a smoke. As we generally don’t want anyone to take our seat. Recently I was out having lunch w Red and we left our chairs pushed against the bar, had full glasses of wine and left stuff on the bar in front of our seats and came back to what I can only categorize as a bad mother, who placed her toddler children in our seats and then began moving our silverware and food as to make room for her children at the bar. Where, by the way it’s illegal to even sit children. This is bad bar behavior.


In writing this, once I was finished ( I know that is backwards) I decided to do some research to see if there were other lists out there about bad bar behavior similar to my small list. All I really came up with was “what not to do if you are a girl trying to catch a date” like blogs and articles. I was immediately satisfied I wrote my list of the cuff and didn’t feel the need to put out yet another list of things Women shouldn’t do at a bar in order to attract a decent guy. Ahem… if your even out in a bar searching for a guy and not there for the booze and company of whoever then you probably will fail. My list applies to every one of you psycho, ill-trained folks who should stay home instead of frequenting the corner of the bar I am at with your children, dogs, loud stories and horrible habits. 🙂 Cheers


❤ Cassandra.




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