Canadian Whiskey


In my quest to discover all things wonderfully whisky I am sometimes exposed to different ways of drinking different types of drinks. One of my favorite discoveries this year has been the various Canadian whiskies that exist that I was ignorant of. I have a  long way to go in terms of being well versed, however I am well on my way with a little research and some taste testing evenings, I have enjoyed this past winter.

Canadian Whiskey: The rules in Canada in regards to type of grain and label restrictions are rather lax. There is only one law required, that it is fermented, distilled and aged in Canada. Lots of Canadian whisky is called “Rye Whiskey” but are in fact blends of multiple grains. The primary grain used in Canadian whiskey is corn, a great example is Seagrams, they blend over 50 batches to make their whisky. Most though are blends of 15-20 different batches. This includes Crown Royal and Canadian Club. In terms of great Canadian whisky facts, I’ve read lots and lots of stuff and mostly it’s just not as interesting as simply tasting some good old fashion whisky from Canada. 🙂

I’ve also discovered a website dedicated to only Canadian Whiskey, it reads like a blog . It’s appropriately called (spelled how everyone besides Ireland and America spells it.)


List of Popular Canadian Whiskies (I have tasted) I have rated them accordingly… 1 ❤ = tastes better mixed, 2 ❤ = good for only 2 or  3 drinks, 3 ❤ = pretty good neat, 4 ❤ = would definitely drink again neat,  ? = can’t quite remember how much i like it

Black Velvet

Canadian Club

Canadian Mist ❤ ❤

Crown Royale ❤ ❤ ❤

Dr. McGillicuddy’s

Forty Creek ❤ ❤ 1/2

Gibson’s ❤

Lord Culvert ❤

Rich and Rare ❤

McCaster’s ❤

Seagrams ❤ ❤

Windsor ?

Wiser’s ?

Yukon Jack ?

Some awesome Canadian Whisky I plan on trying:

1.Masterson’s 12 year  straight wheat whisky ( 50 % by alc/vol )

Palate- It’s said to be quite hot and spicy but also sweet. Has a luscious mouth feel. There is an earthy tone and the finish is peppery and tingly with a hint of gingerly spiciness.

From all that I have read about this whisky, it is highly recommended and tastes absolutely wonderful. I have found it online priced for 79$ but I am not sure what size bottle that price is for.


  1. Crown Royal Black- At 90 proof  I’ve read many a review, at first taste it’s smooth and mellow and especially delicious served neat (with no ice) . There is a bit of a bite I would assume but is described as having caramel, vanilla and dark cherry notes. As I re-read this to edit I realized I have in fact tasted this whisky. My boyfriend Red loves this one! hehe I forgot. However I don’t drink this regularly nor did I remember having tasting it so it remains on the list of whisky to try. We will call this one a do over. 🙂


There are also so many weird myths about Canadian Whisky I have found on the internet and have overheard at bars. For example I read an entire article that apparently was published in some magazine about how Canadian Whisky is just brown vodka. That is just so absurdly absurd that I wound up reading the article again to make sure it wasn’t a joke or something. So for the sake of having another article and more to write about, keep an eye out for more interesting things about Canadian Whisky. I’ll let you know what I know as I figure it all out.

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet. 🙂

Happy sippin’




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