the things j.lo taught me



I’m giving a long shout out to Miss Jennifer Lopez herself.images (11)

I think J. Lo said it right, “Do what you want to do, say what you want to say , go where you wanna go”!!!!!!

If you wanna live your life she said  you got to do it , and do it your way. I really have a strong appreciation and love for Jennifer Lopez.  As most people who know me would know I love love love to dance and sing off tone to happy giddy semi booty shaking music.  First and foremost I love J. Lo because of all the very cheeky  dance songs she makes. I mean really you can take any J. Losong and make a Zumba routine to it. I  keep my abs looking toned and fit from lots of jamming out to J. Lo songs. 🙂  Almost all the lyrics to her songs are about how to either move on from a sketchy break up or how to live it up on the dance floor at one of those night clubs where you have to wait in line to get in unless you’re wearing the shortest skirt you have. Or maybe you might get in if you’re dating the door guy. I can attest to that being a decent  method in your 20’s 🙂

Thank you J. Lo for all the things you have taught me .

  1. J. Lo taught us that big toned booties are great! Remember “In Living Color” ? Well that’s right ladies contrary to popular belief J. Lo set the trend for big booty awesome-ness not Kim Kardashian. Now I don’t have a big booty but if I did I would wear awesome tight pants and shake what my mama gave me 🙂

  2. Thanks J.Lo for teaching us that giant snakes do exist in the amazon and, yes they can be defeated! ( This is a reference to that movie she was in with Jon Voight “Anaconda”)

  3. J. Lo taught me that you can have a hit single, hit movie, clothing line, fragrance and Loreal commercial all at the same time. So, you know, go for it. Although no one would probably buy a fragrance produced by me, it would most certainly smell like gummy bears or coffee or beer.

  4. Thank you for representing the Bronx(I’m not from there) but so many good things come out the Bronx. Outside of the large number of great actors that the Bronx gave us there is Orchard beach, Yankee stadium, amazing seafood and there is an actual Hall of fame in the Bronx for Great Americans. So there. Although I’m pretty sure I read somewhere online due to lack of funding they stopped adding people to it a while back. lol Too funny.

  5. She showed us the importance of having a good divorce attorney and how the cougar thing is actually doable. You date a younger, hotter guy that can dance better than the previous guy you were with.

  6. She taught me that “love don’t cost a thing” and well…..that is just true. So thanks for that.

  7. She is putting out her 10th album! Her vocal chops being mediocre and all, I would say that is awesome.

That’s all I have for now… I thought this list would go to number 10. It doesn’t

Thanks Jennifer Lopez!



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