A love of life, stand the fuck up


I am feeling some kind of way at this moment, so of course, I decided to share.

I want to talk about “A love of life”. It should be noted that this was written while enjoying my 2nd glass of one my newly favorite beers that I will highlight in June as my  beer of the month, Maharaja. It is 10.5 % alc. by volume, however sometimes the best thoughts come to us when slightly enticed by life’s love juice, as I call it,  hahaha.

I have a strong love of life. And I am really sick other people’s annoyance that I do. I want to formally apologize to all the douchebags and douchettes out there that can’t get a grasp on your own feelings about life or whatever it  is that bothers you. I am so sorry that  despite life’s torrential down-pours of shit that I still somehow manage to stand tall and not fucking complain all the time. Now, this is not to be confused with life’s everyday trials that try us all, in a magnitude of ways, constantly, when we are generally not ready for it. But does that mean I should curl up in a corner and cry for the rest of my life, constantly complaining about things I can’t change and give up? No! I curl up for a day or two like a normal human being and cry out my issues at home, sometimes over a beer, then stand the fuck up and dust off the horrid sadness of whatever event or circumstance has temporarily crippled me and live my damn life.

Wasn’t it Kat Williams, the wildly, pimp like comedian who said in his HBO special…You gots to live yo damn life. yes, yes it was him. I know so because I recall him saying it when I watched that HBO special. People need to have a love of life. I do. I truly do… I have been through some shit just like the rest of everyone else. And accordingly, it has been as horrifying and debilitating as any other experience that any other human has been through. But life goes on, with or without you. So how about don’ shit on my parade just because I can still put a smile on the face in the face of adversity and tragedy.

Life can be sucky, tragic, horrendous and downright unfair but it’s also amazingly mysterious and wonderful and filled with a million things and people you are lucky enough to wake up to explore and possibly know everyday. It’s filled with opportunities that, albeit, you have to go out and grab, but they are there, everywhere. The world and life itself is so beyond beautiful that we often miss it “living”  our life. Build a bridge people and get over it. Because the other side is magnanimous.

Start with the small stuff… it’s the small stuff that always seems to matter. Go ahead, play in the rain and fall in love and buy those jeans that cost too much money.

That’s how I feel.


❤ Cassandra


4 thoughts on “A love of life, stand the fuck up

  1. Life’s love juice, eh? While I’m positive there are a few people – especially on this thing we call the internet – which may believe alcohol isn’t the only “love juice” out there, I have to agree with you. Heck, one of the best presentations I ever gave in college was me fully cut, three sheets to the wind, completely care-free – aced it and I don’t remember one word I shared!


    Anywho, the moral of my random comment here is that sometimes our best thinking happens when we lose some of our inhibitions. 😀


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