Interesting Whiskey facts.

Hey whiskey drinkers, lovers and newbies!

I read somewhere that knowledge is power, and I always want to know more about whiskey. On my quest to live it and learn it, I’ve come across some general facts about whiskey. Some known and some not so known. I would say I wasn’t aware of most of the little whiskey truths I stumbled upon the day I decided to make this slightly intriguing list. If you have any really cool or strange facts I have over looked please feel free to comment and share. yay! Here we go.

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Whiskey on the rocks!

One shot has 0 fat and .04 carbs. Which basically sounds healthy to me.

 The word whiskey literally means “Water of life”. Ummm…. awesome sauce. It comes from the Gaelic word “Uisge Beatha”.

 Whiskey was a form of currency in 18th century Pennsylvania. Meaning you could have paid your cable bill with whatever money you didn’t spend on drinks that weekend. hehe

A closed bottle of whiskey is good for 100 years! An opened bottle is good for 5 yrs. So all in all… if you are planning on saving an awesome bottle  for one of your descendants, there is no need to fear, your whiskey will hold up. Just what I was planning 🙂


whiskey casks

A beautiful basement of whiskey barrels

May 17th of 2014 was World Whiskey Day. I can only say that I am almost certain I celebrated on this day because I stumbled upon this little treasure of a fact before May 17th and made it my business to put it on my calendar in order to have a random reason to celebrate something.

Tabasco sauce is aged in barrels that previously contained Jack Daniels. My boyfriend loved this one. He uses hot sauce like someone is paying him to use it. lol I’m serious. (keep an eye out for my upcoming list of my top ten hot sauces)

All bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon. If this seems confusing I have done you the pleasure of putting together a list within this list, that may or may not explain how this is possible and the differences:

Whiskey can be aged in re-used barrels but the law requires Bourbon  be aged in New charred American white oak barrels. H2O is the only thing that can be added to Bourbon and only to bring it down to proof. Other whiskey makers can add color (although I have read other sources that say otherwise so when I figure out if this is actually true I shall update this ). Whiskey is distilled from a fermented mash of grain which usually contains rye, corn, barley or wheat. Bourbon (by law in the US) is distilled from a mash of grain that contains no less than 51% corn and is made in USA.

In America we import 120 million bottles of whiskey a year. It should be noted that I found this “fact” on some random website but it seems extremely believable to me…. after all we are the country of over consumption. In all things.


This may be a photo of monks harvesting wheat. 🙂

Whiskey was first made in Ireland, according to my sources, by missionary monks. They seem to create all the good stuff. Meaning beer and whiskey. I read that long ago, beer and wine was what people drank mainly as oppose to water, I guess in medieval times the water sources were often contaminated, not sure why boiling water first was difficult but nevertheless, yay monks!


In conclusion ( haven’t used that ending since junior high) these are some of the more interesting whiskey facts I have found then chuckled at.  Some are eyebrow raisers, either way it’s always good to be in the know in regards to my continuing efforts to be in the know about my favorite spirit.


 Happy sipping.





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