Curtain of Love: A the making

So today’s post is a good old fashion poem…It’s about love and how so many people are afraid of it. I am not one of those people. I come back for more time and time again because I believe Love in all capacities, is the most awesome thing in the world! Which is fitting because today is my mothers birthday. May she rest is peace. πŸ™‚ As a teenager I wrote a lot of poetry all of the time… and it’s nice to get back to into it after so long. Hope you enjoy it.


Two sides of the curtain exist

Which side do you live on?

Do you give up or do you persist?

Do you fight it or do you resist?


I am never afraid and I am never scared

And there is never any fear

Not when I move the curtain (when I move it)

I can see it all, perfectly clear


Can you? Do you live on this side where love is a strange thing?

Or do you stand to the side of it, do you stand in the wing?

I pull the curtain to the side

This is where I reside

This is where I live

This is where I give

Do you peek from behind the curtain of love?

Or do you step out, and rise above

Rise above the hard and the strange

Do you run from it or do you chase down change?

I live beneath the curtain of love

that gives way to extreme hurt

that’s heavy with pain

I am never afraid

for who knows what I might gain.

Do you feel this way or are the wings where you stay?

Do you embrace the applause when the curtain parts?

Or are you paralyzed by the light straight from the start?

So when the curtain opens,

Pain, struggle, heartache and strife

But Love, will always Β lives on my stage of life

Cassandra πŸ™‚


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