The news sucks.


Hey guys, I wrote this piece in March and am just getting it to ya! enjoy!

The News Sucks. Sometimes.

I’ve decided we should  just come up with something else to call the news rather than the news. Because calling it the news  would imply that we are going to be informed about worldly, local, political and environmental issues pertaining to us all in a socio-economic way. Well, even the extremely reputable ones are just border line entertainment news stations now. I use the word reputable loosely. 🙂

I have even come across great news stations covering a national or international story that is in fact of importance but instead of actually sending out there investigative journalist to say, do some actual investigating, they just repeat the same 3 pieces of information that even fox news can manage to drudge up. Its become laughable, like I actually started laughing while watching CNN one night as respected reporters, journalists and analysts of various kinds sort of stumbled on and over 2 little shreds of non information in an attempt to convey some “news”. hahaha I will tell you I watch CNN and other highly respectable networks regularly and they often don’t have a problem gathering all the “facts” and using the necessary amounts of “allegedly’s” when reporting on the latest celebrity divorce.

Ugggh, that’s how I feel every single time I go into Yahoo to check my email and I’m bombarded with absurd entertainment news that I have already been bombarded with on my fb page ads and my tv and everywhere else in the world. I am truly ever so nauseous at some of the very random things, trends, story lines, bad tv shows and massive amounts of “news”  that doesn’t actually matter.

For example: Why do we need to be informed on actual reputable news stations that some actress, who no one even knows btw, thinks that twilight is toxic? Firstly, we are trying to all forget we were ever interested in those horrifying movies at all with all that terrible acting and poorly executed make up attempts, so please just let that die. Because I’m already embarrassed that I have seen all the movies like five times each. Well that isn’t even true, but as I’ve said the true number is embarrassing.

Oh and Why is “The Bachelor” still on? I know why, because people keep watching it, so they keep playing it. I’m not even suggesting one with more substance in the content but maybe not a show that is so obviously fake and scripted. Or better yet NBC please just properly label “The Bachelor” a sitcom and stop convincing whoever it is that actually watches that show that there is an actual chance for those silly women to find love.  I only say so because I immediately have a headache when I hear the commercials for it when they come on. Lest me not judge too harshly I suppose…I watch my fair share of trashy “reality” tv and horrid game show programming, but that’s only when ‘Antique Roadshow’ and ‘The Cosmos’  isn’ t on… (insert obnoxious evil laugh)

However, how is it news that  some model suffered with weight issues? no shit. Not that all suffer from those issues, but we already know how prevalent that is in that industry so the least you can do is wait and report on a model who actually will make a change in regards to such a serious topic that so many women struggle with in real life,  not some seemingly dim wit who hasn’t gotten work in a few years and is using a sad and serious topic as a PR ploy to re-vamp their career. Just saying. I like being skinny and have gone through the regular “Am I fat” thing in the mirror for the entirety of my 20’s. I get it. But like, are you going to start a camp or group or charity, a blog or trauma reach out call center or something for other girls going through those issues? No? Ok then please get out of my tv screen.

Oh and Please  please please will all the media outlets stop reporting 80 million dollar penthouse sales as “breaking news”. It’s not breaking news that the one percent is still wealthy and  thriving. And that the rest of us still are not.  Or that the multimillion dollar Manhattan apts almost no one in Manhattan can actually afford are down in price. Because we still can’t afford them at the very “cheap price of 13 million $” I actually saw this on a news program that was reporting on how we should be excited because the apartments in a certain upper class, very expensive building in NYC were now “affordable”. Bye

ESPN, don’t worry can’t forget our sports stations. Why are you rubbing it in that despite the fact that Kobe Bryant will only play 6 games this season he still gets his contractual 28 million dollars.?? All that makes fans wanna do is return that over priced jersey. Since it is  us, well not me, but isn’t it all of the fans  that makes those athletic professionals a commodity in the first place? Maybe not. I’m not actually sure if my rant even deserves to include sports channels, but I often watch some of the shows because of the surprising humor factor in regards to the hosts. Many of them are super funny and generally quite knowledgable about sports.

The most interesting and best covered thing I’ve seen on the news recently was about the triplet tiger cubs born in  London. Which may or may not be a sad thing, depending on your priorities.

Even when a very important issue, or topic, or murder case that should be reported, actually is,  it often feels these days that networks seem to be afraid to stop at simply reporting the news. Give the facts that you have actually gathered and verified and if there is more to figure out then tell us that. There is no need for a very overly made up woman with ninety layers of foundation on and co anchor in an ill fitted suit to stretch out an hours worth of news with their opinions and here-say. Like, don’t tell me what you “think” may have happened in a murder case Fox News! Just tell me what actually happened and then catch me up when you have some more facts. Because after all your anchor isn’t a lawyer, judge, investigative reporter or anything else that might warrant respect from me.

I do however have to give respect to all that I’m sure it takes into producing and making a live news production every day, several times a day. After all the networks have a lot of time to fill. I understand that and I also understand that everyone is not represented by my rant. But my general consensus is that News as a whole is becoming horrifically non informative.

My grandpa used to say that he read all the newspapers and watched all the news broadcasts he could find because he wanted to know what the intelligent people in our society were reporting but he also wanted to know what the idiots were reporting too. hehehe My grandpa was a smart dude.

Hope you enjoyed this Random Rant and I think I will dedicate this one to my grandpa Amos Nathaniel Shields! 🙂

Ooh and The newspaper clipping photo above I made in an awesome Newspaper clipping generator on  which I thought was super cool. I even wrote a bogus news story on a Martian evasion. 🙂


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