Saturday Surprise! 5 things that annoy me.

Good morning,

As a Saturday surprise I  decided to make a list of some things that annoy me half to death for no other reason than I was happily inspired by a fellow blogger who did the same. His piece gave me a good laugh but mostly I found myself shaking my head and going uhhh huhh to the list that had provided. It was the perfect combo for my coffee this morning and since I have a category in my blog aptly named “Random Rants”, I figured “Why the hell not!”  Here is his blog, just read it because it’s absurdly offensive in all the right ways, seriously I even voted for him for an award titled “most likely to piss people off” hehehe

Here we go….

  1. Ummm so what’s up with those channels, cable or otherwise that play the same commercial on every commercial break? I get it, you want me to sign up for Farmers insurance and the song is real catchy so I probably will but there is no need in a half hour show to see the same damn commercial 12 times. I am already fully aware of the purpose of the advertisements to brain wash me with their “can’t get them out of my head” jingles.

  2. How come people keep sending me invites to play “candy crush”  on facebook? Or an invite to investigate some crime scene in that weird fb game called, crime investigation. I block the embarrassing games I play on fb as not to embarrass myself. Everyone else should too.

  3. This one only applies to women, but you guys should appreciate our struggle anyhow. How come the 7 dollar “non-crack” nail polish I just bought, cracks? wtf. It’s not like they let you return the opened polished that failed to do what the label said it is supposed to do, back at Duane Reade. Just label it “May not crack nail polish”. Solved.

  4. Yes, people who exercise and eat healthy also smoke cigarettes and drink beer with whiskey on the side. People always seem genuinely surprised to hear I love beer, like, should I only drink wine spritzers and trashy chick cocktails that give you bad hangovers?

  5. Finally, one of the things most annoying to me these days are the internet servers. I know I should be grateful I don’t live in a 3rd world country, and have access to clean water and the internet. But why does it take my computer fifty-nine minutes to load a damn page? I see those Verizon commercials trying to convince me that they are the best network. Lies I tell you. All lies.


If these things don’t annoy you…well, they should, especially the ongoing internet issues I seem to be encountering and these nail polish companies that keep lying to me about non crack nail polish. 🙂

Happy Saturday!



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