April showers bring The beer of the month- Troegs ‘Perpetual Imperial Pale Ale’



Welcome to the  revamped edition of my beer section, which will be a monthly feature of my favorite beer(s) every month. Now what makes any particular lager, stout or ale my choice favorite? Well, nothing and everything. Perhaps it’s the hoppy essence of a long-lost IPA that re-kindled the spark of  my love of beer or the heavy look of a dark lager I’ve never tasted. For the month of May I have decided to highlight Troegs, Perpetual  Imperial Pale ale.

The wonderful man in my life, some of you may remember as Red, having been highlighted before in my blog for his wonderful “Dude Dinners” and ever scrumptious “Bro Brunches” is  apart of a beer club at his local liquor dispensary. We each have a growler, which amounts to 60 oz. that you buy and then re-fill whenever you’d like, only paying for the beer on draught they have at any given time. They change them out every week or so. This is such a wonderful way to experience new beers, if you don’t say… want to make your entire life’s search for the worlds greatest beer a regularly weekend drunk fest. Not that we don’t try to engage in our generations version of a good time. 🙂

A little about the brewsky:

The Troegs brewery was founded in 1996 by two brothers and their employees get a free case of beer during every pay period. Nice! That includes all 150 employees, nine of which are brewers. Their beer is brewed out of Hershey, PA.

Alc– 7.5% by volume – which basically means that if your a light weight than two full pints will give you a nice buzz hehe

Color– Straw golden like color- which is pretty to look during consumption of this delicious IPA

Hops– Mt. Hood, Chinook, Bravo- my knowledge on hops in regards to beer making is limited but I found this info on the Troegs website and decided immediately to begin an education involved in hops. 🙂

Flavor- To me the flavor was very citrus- like at first, so much so I actually pursed my lips a bit. A habit I always felt was reserved for and seen in older English women who got their tea served  at the wrong temperature. Then after a few slow sips, the almost malty hoppiness of it slammed into my senses and it was actually quite refreshing on the after taste. It was a warmer day with some sunshine and clouds overhead when I tried it so perhaps that had something to do with it, but mostly I think it’s kind of one of those IPA’s that is a wonderful beer to drink on a warm spring day at a bar-b-q. If you like IPA’s. If you don’t like them, even a little, then the sheer bitterness of this beer won’t catch your fancy, in which case I recommend don’t buy 60 oz. worth.

Nevertheless don’t shy away if you are ever  in a pub and get the chance to try a taste. Go on, bartenders are required (by law?)  to let you have a taste of a beer, so ask and you shall receive. 🙂

Hope enjoyed my beer selection for the month of May…. I did! Every single ounce of it. 🙂

Happy sipping




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