Zero to hero- day 28- create a new feature

Today’s assignment: develop a regular feature for your blog

For today’s assignment I had all types of ideas in terms of adding a feature perhaps weekly, to my blog. Then I realized I already had one in the making, sort of. One of the categories in my blog is titled “Beer of the month”  where I highlight an awesome beer that I’ve come across either from being out on the town 🙂 or one I find in the grocery store. Sometimes I even come across a beer I haven’t tasted in a very long time and will be highlighting that one.

The problem was that until day 28’s assignment came up I wasn’t exactly doing that, having focused on other writings and trying to keep up with my zero to hero assignments. I am so excited however because it allowed me to go into the many drafts I have and finish some of the things I was thinking of sharing. I hope you enjoy. For the Month May I will be writing about a great craft beer from the Stone Brewery called ‘Arrogant Bastard’



4 thoughts on “Zero to hero- day 28- create a new feature

  1. Beer of the month? That’s my type of post!

    I’ve only really started drinking beer here in my 30s after discovering that I don’t react (red face and hives) to craft beer as I did to mainstream stuff. This means I have so much to learn and catchup on.


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