Zero to hero- day 27- Build on the popular

Today’s assignment: find the post that has received the most views, likes, or comments, and write a related follow-up post. 

So next to my homepage my stats on wordpress say that one post I published on March 24th has the most “views”. Although I am not sure if this means it is the most popular, also it says that it has 10 comments and when you click on them they are all pingbacks. Still not sure even at day 27 what that’s all about and why pingbacks show up as comments. I just hope it’s a positive thing. hehe

So anyways here is a link to the original post

It was a Dp challenge called “Writerly Reflection” and as I re-read it I decided it was one of my favorite pieces as well. However I am having troubling discerning the patterns of my readers as is suggested for this assignment. Although I have quite a few pieces published I am not sure if the 30 something I have published is enough to find what my readers truly like. I could use some help with this one. Would love some input.

Thanks guys in advance




2 thoughts on “Zero to hero- day 27- Build on the popular

  1. I think the amount of likes/ comments/ views would probably determine the popularity of your posts. I get quite a few requests for pingbacks, I’m not sure if people link their post to mines, so that its pushes me to read them or otherwise.

    If you feel you still can’t decide, I would say you should test the waters and sooner or later you will have a clearer picture of what posts your readers prefer.


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